Holiday How-To: Try This Wintry DIY Mobile

Walking in a winter wonderland always makes us feel merry and bright — and a little chilly. So we’re bringing that seasonal magic indoors with a super-dreamy DIY mobile that’ll have you smiling all winter long!


Here’s what you need:

– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Gilded branches (make your own with gold spray paint or buy pre-made at a craft store)
– 12 to 14 acrylic star and/or snowflake ornaments
– Clear string (found in jewelry section at the craft store)
– 2 balsa wood sticks (approx. 18″ each — we found a 36” one and cut it in half)
– Decorative bird (or other detail of your choosing)

Step 1:

Place your two sticks in an X shape, then glue them together where they intersect. Once the pieces are secure, glue your gilded branches along the length of each balsa wood piece. Trim the branches if necessary so that they fit neatly along the X.


Step 2:

Reinforce the bond at the intersection of the X by wrapping it in clear string several times over.


Step 3: 

If your ornaments have strings attached, snip them off. You’ll be giving them new, longer strings in just a moment!


Step 4:

Cut a length of clear string for each ornament. Thread your ornaments onto the strings, and then tie three to four ornaments on each of the four arms of the mobile. As you tie, be thoughtful about the lengths of the string. You don’t want a ton of long pieces or a ton of short pieces. A nice mix of both is perfect!


Step 5:

Securely tie equal lengths of string to the ends of each arm of the mobile. Then, bring all four pieces of string together into a pyramid shape above the mobile, and tie them into one super-tight knot. This will allow your mobile to hang evenly. Because the string is clear and therefore hard to see, we tied the four strings to a small piece of the gilded branch for easy finding and hanging!


Step 6: 

Finally, put a bird on it! Yep, we had to. You can hot glue a birdy or any other flair anywhere you please.


And finito!


+ Give this easy and elegant craft a try (maybe with some cheery music on and some mulled wine nearby), and don’t forget to share YOUR favorite holiday DIYs with us!

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