A Study in Stylish Living

A new year has arrived, and many of us are making resolutions. If yours is to spruce up your abode now that you’ve taken down the spruce tree that resided in a corner of your living room for the holidays, then why not breathe a little life into your living quarters by updating your decor? If your apartment, house, or college crash pad could use a little pizzazz to keep you perky during the winter doldrums, try swanking up your place with some of these intoxicatingly cool home furnishings.

Babushkas Bourrés Drinking Game: If all the snow and cold weather of the season have got you feeling down, invite some friends over to your nest and raise the spirits with these adorable shot glasses modeled after matryoshka crafts. Spin the top, then drink from whichever little cup that corresponds to the lady that’s landed face up. They’re also ideal for concocting the perfect White or Black Russian cocktail.

A-Tisket, A-Flask-et: Usually, a flask is filled with your favorite beverage, then slipped away secretly inside a pocket or purse. But this fabulous flacon, which features a 1920’s flapper, is one you’ll want to keep in plain sight next to your other retro barware. Show Old Man Winter that he’s not about to prohibit your good times!

Social Club Coasters: Just because you’re rejuvenating a room with new ornamentation doesn’t mean you should disregard the condition of the old. Keep condensation from collecting on your cool, vintage table with this set of waterproof, retro coasters. And with their rubberized base, you can be sure that they won’t coast off of your credenza and onto the floor before setting your drink down.

Quest for the Holy Tumbler: If you’ve been on the hunt for a glorious grail to contain your cocktails, then behold the virtuosity of this cream-colored vessel that sublimely features prints of cut glass-style goblets on either side.  Wouldn’t this cup look absolutely divine on display in your kitchen cupboard? Just be a saint and share the grace of this immaculate receptacle with your best acolytes.

Iced Out Ice Tray: Your cocktail making skills don’t mean a thing if your creations ain’t got that bling. So when you’re snowed in, get the ice out and enjoy a frosty beverage in posh style with jewel-shaped ice from this tray chilling your libations.  Your guests will be frozen with fondness over this cool ‘cube’ container.

These are just a few ways you can get a deluxe interior. Check out our Apartment section for more fun ways to make your flat look fancy!

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  1. Annie 01/08/2010 at 5:57 pm #

    I hope to try my hand at playing the Babushkas Bourrés Drinking Game sometime soon! Great post, Richard!

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