A Total Fluff Piece

Oh, hey, there! How’s your day going? Nice! Yeah, us, too.

[Shuffles feet.]


[Shrugs shoulders.]

Well, uh… okay, tbh, we don’t really have anything fancy up our sleeves for today’s blog post. Yeah, no snazzy cocktails or fresh new makeup ideas — they’re coming, but like… tomorrow. Listen, it’s the first week back after the holidays, and we’re all moving a little slower than usual! But hey, check this out. We’ve gathered up a few precious pics that we think will be just delightful. Did we mention there’s a dog involved? There’s a dog involved.

Recently, our photographer Josh snapped a few pics of his beloved dog, June, all dolled up in all sorts of photo studio fodder. There’s no sophisticated backstory here, gang. Just an adorable office dog dressed to the ‘canines’. Heh heh, get it? No? Okay, just look at this cute animal:

A Total Fluff Piece

How ’bout that, huh?

A Total Fluff Piece

The glamour! The beauty!

A Total Fluff Piece

Ugh, stunning!

We’ll be back with some legit blog goodness tomorrow morning. Until then, enjoy ogling these puppy picks!

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