Balkan Inspiration

[Images (left to right): Designs by Gucci, Galliano]

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is influenced by its surrounding society. Those of us in the Western hemisphere can usually detect style inspirations rooted in our own culture, but fashion trends are also influenced by cultures that aren’t always on our radar. This week, Vasil shows us how certain influences from his region of the world have trickled onto the runways in recent years.

Keep reading to learn more about Vasil’s culture and its impact on current fashion trends!

[Images (clockwise from left):  Designs by Tao, Dior, Chanel, Galliano]

Vasil says, “For the past couple of seasons, Balkan cultures, traditions and folklore have had a large impact on popular designers and fashion houses, such as Chanel, Kenzo, Dior, Galliano, Tao and Gucci. My Eastern European heritage, interest in Balkan folklore, and one of my new favorite blogs, inspired me to do some more research on this topic.  I discovered that similarities among the collections include the use of folk motives, primarily in the jewelry and highly decorative embroidery.”

[Images (clockwise from left):  Designs by Galliano, Tao, Westwood, Kenzo]

“Different designers utilize the Balkan inspiration in different ways. Vivienne Westwood translates the Turkish Harem pants into a very classy and casual look. Christian Dior maintains the look and feel of a Turkish traditional costume. John Galliano, inspired by the ornamental and symbolic look of Slavic brides, presents his costume-like creations in a very traditional way. He utilizes silver coins, known as pendari, and large decorative belt buckles, pafti, which are very identifiable in the Bulgarian and Macedonian cultures. In a similar manner, Tao integrates embroidery motives, which hundreds of years ago would have represented various symbols and differentiated groups of people and their customs. The unique look of Chanel’s headpieces is clearly inspired by the rich folklore of Russia. Gucci and Kenzo also brilliantly incorporate the folklore of Russian and the surrounding republics into their collections, which were inspired by the Babushka and Matryoshka.”

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