Our Community Shares Stories About Their Rad Dads

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, now’s the perfect time to celebrate the dedicated dads and fantastic father figures in our lives. But it can be tough to put into words just how much they mean to us. Luckily, our awesome community was up to the challenge! Two rad reviews really caught our eye — each featured heartwarming tidbits about their dads, so we just had to reach out to Janice and Stacy to learn more…

Janice’s review of the Crème de la Bohème Dress:
“I wore this for my wedding yesterday, and I could not be happier with it. During the reception, I paired it with a cropped yellow cardigan (also from ModCloth!). My shoes (from ModCloth!) were extremely comfortable… The whole ensemble even survived an epic father/daughter dance to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song,’ complete with air guitar and lots of exuberant jumping around.”


What does music mean to you and your dad?
My dad introduced me to music. He used to work on our cars in the driveway and blast Led Zeppelin like we didn’t have neighbors who cared about people playing music at a respectful volume. He wore his Chuck Taylors around the house and played air guitar as if he had magically transformed into Eddie Van Halen. By the time I was in third grade, I got into trouble routinely for singing Frank Zappa songs aloud in class (which my dad and I sang together on the way to school). Music was something we always had in common. No matter how tricky the years became, or how far we lived apart, it was something that connected us time and time again.

How did this amazing-sounding father/daughter dance at your wedding come about?
Since I was born, my dad has always loved the song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. I knew it was his utmost desire to play it at my wedding as our father/daughter dance, but I hated that song! As the day drew closer, I spoke with our deejay and asked if we could somehow figure out a way to make the dance more “us”. We decided to start the dance with “Butterfly Kisses,” and then my deejay would pretend to have a problem with the sound equipment and play “Immigrant Song”.

Our big moment came, and my dad and I took the dance floor. My dad was crying pretty hard as his beloved song played. The tissues started coming out during the chorus, and that’s when I caught our deejay’s eye. Right on cue, the music dropped out like a record slowing down to a halt. My dad was so confused, and he looked at me right as the iconic guitar riff started. Without skipping a beat, we started jumping around, playing some pretty epic air guitar, and doing some awesome lip-synced vocals, just like we used to when I was a little girl. Our family and friends started cheering and clapping. My dad ripped off his jacket and threw it into the crowd, earning some hearty applause and laughter.


Over the past few years, I’ve grown to be more like my dad. I’ve taken his loud laugh and inappropriate sense of humor, and I hope that someday I learn his humility and his courage to face challenges with laughter and joy. I still have many lessons to learn from him, and those lessons will be the legacy that he leaves for me. That and really, really good taste in music.


My father-in-law recently passed away very suddenly. He was a man of incredible courage, having suffered a long and wearisome battle with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He died a hero, because he never allowed himself to be a victim of his illnesses, but rather embraced them as a facet of his identity. He viewed life as a chance to use his wry sense of humor, and often left us breathless with laughter. We will miss his quick wit and his kind and gentle spirit. Losing him has made me realize what a tremendous blessing my own father is, and has strengthened our friendship.

Stacy’s review of Why You’re So Awesome:
“Purchased this for my Dad. My husband, son, and I filled this out, except a few pages so my Dad’s wife could participate in the coolness of the book. He told me, ‘This book is my new treasure.’ 🙂 I couldn’t be happier.”


Can you describe why your dad is so awesome?
My dad personifies what I believe a parent should be. I was probably not a dream child, and as an adult I continued to provide him with challenges and issues that now, as a parent myself, I realize were probably very painful and likely made him question himself as a parent. There is no time in my almost 43 years of life that I can think of where he didn’t have a supportive word, a place to stay, advice with a well-thought-out, pragmatic view, and a snack if needed (usually Oreos and milk, even in my 40s). Things like, “Hey Dad, I changed my name to Meta,” when I was 13. No questions asked. Just: “Okay, hon.” He let me be Meta until I tired of it and never said a word about it.

When I was in junior high school, I was caught skipping for literally weeks at a time. I would come back just in time to take the bus home. One day, while heading to the bus, I saw my dad’s car waiting in the parking lot at school. I got in. He looked visibly upset and advised me that he had received a call from the school. I was terrified. He then reached under the driver’s seat to get something and what he pulled out made one of the biggest impressions on my life. It was a bouquet of daisies. He handed me the daisies and said, “I’ve heard that when girls are going through tough times, sometimes flowers help them to feel better. So I got these for you. I hope you know that whatever is going on, you can talk to me about it.” Pow. What?! I was dumbfounded. And you know what? We talked and I stopped. Such an amazing and unconventional approach to skipping school. I did not take that for granted.

There are too many specific stories about how many times he has been there for me, my son, and even my pets to write them all down. But he is my hero, my husband’s hero, and an amazing role model. I am grateful to him eternally for allowing me to be exactly who I am, however different.

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Did he have a favorite entry that you and your family made in the book?
His favorite one was: “You make me want to be a more awesome daughter and mother.” And by that I meant selfless. He is truly a selfless person when it comes to the needs of his family. I strive to be that way every day.

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