How to Find Styles That Are Just Your Size

We’ve all been there: your eyes land on that adorable item, and you click on it only to find that your size isn’t in stock. The good news is, our handy-dandy size filter tool will help you avoid any potential fashion heartbreak! You can use it to wrangle and round up only the stunning styles that are in stock and ready to shop in just your size.

So, where is this useful feature? You’ll find it on the right side of every page, in the “Refine By” section just below “Color”. To use it, all you do is click on the sizes you want to see!

How-To-Size-Filter-Blog-PostAs you can see in this helpful GIF, if you select a lettered size, it will automatically highlight the numbered sizes below it, as well. However, you can simply un-select the numerical sizes by clicking them! If you’d like to select numerical sizes or additional lettered sizes, you can simply click to add those, too.

Easy-peasy, right? Armed with this knowledge, you are now on your way to finding your style soulmates — in your perfect size!

+Check out our New Arrivals and test out the size filter tool to find your next new faves.

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  1. Mimi 06/20/2016 at 1:47 pm #

    I love that there are many options that go up to my size of 22/24. It’s awesome! Question, though: have you considered doing a search by skirt length? There are SO MANY DRESSES I want to buy but must cover my knees at work (I work in a conservative country). I know it’s not a size filter but it’s vaguely related…

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