Employee Picks: Our Favorite Gifts

The holiday season is coming. Alright, let’s face it; it’s HERE!! Which means it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gifts for the people we love. Here at ModCloth, where we’re surrounded by gifts ranging from high fashion to cute and quirky, we’ve already started shopping!

Ben: “My pick is The Cardboard Mounted Deer. I just can’t get over how cool it looks. And it comes Ikea-style, disassembled in a flat envelope, so it’s easy to mail to a faraway friend.”

Casey: “I picked the My Mimobot Flash Drive, because it’s so cute and so useful. With its whopping 2GB storage, its the perfect small gift for the student or music lover on the go who wants to add some pizzazz  to her digital files. Say goodbye to your boring old flash drive and hello to colorful Mimobot!”

Dan: “I picked the Sixteen Candles Talking Keychain. It’s the perfect gift!”

Danielle: “I picked the Swank Roll Bag in Tuska. I’ve been obsessed with this bag since the day it came in. It totally simplifies the baggage claim process–you’ll see it coming before it even hits the conveyor belt. It’s totally cute and fits everything you need for a long weekend getaway!”

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  1. Kirsten 11/26/2008 at 7:43 pm #

    I totally have that flash drive! I got it this summer for school! I actually used him today he’s way to cute for words.

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