Epic Wrap Battles, Round 1: We Have a Winner (& 2 DIYs!)

All December, our employees are going head to head in battles for present-packing prowess! This week, Head of Writing & Social, Natalie, went up against Creative Director, Joe in a dazzling DIY competition. Now, the community has spoken, and the winner of our first round is…


How did this imaginative package come to be? Surprise! We’ve got the DIYs to help you recreate both amazing ideas. And if you need inspiration for what to put inside these playful boxes, check out these great gifts!

Natalie’s Simply Chic Parcel

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

The homespun feel of Natalie’s present begins with classic, brown craft paper, which, wrapped neatly around her gift, provides an understated backdrop for her adorable accent wreath.

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Speaking of which, Natalie created this little wreath using branches from her backyard holly bush. After arranging the pieces on our crafting table, she secured the shape with jute-wrapped wire.

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Natalie wound festive red-and-white baker’s twine around the center of the box for some rustic flair, then “hung” her wreath from some chiffon ribbon, which was secured in the back of the package with a piece of tape. Not only will the recipient get a unique gift — they’ll get a gorgeous, organic ornament, too!

Not the winner you wanted? No worries! Here’s how to create the other look:

Joe’s Peppermint Present

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Joe’s candy-coated gift is delightful inside and out. Instead of tissue paper or packing peanuts, Joe buffered his present with peppermints and chocolate.

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Next, Joe used simple white paper to neatly wrap this sweet treat.

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

What really makes this present pop, of course, is its cellophane shell. Joe took striped plastic he found at the craft store (think the stuff you’d use to wrap a gift basket or bundle a bouquet), and wrapped it around the package widthwise. Then, instead of folding and taping the ends down, like you would with a regular package, he twisted each side and secured the twists with sparkly silver ribbon. Voila! Confection perfection!

Round two of our Wrap Battles starts Tuesday! Don’t miss the action as our Social Team Strategists’ turn on one another in a contest for gifting glory!

+ How do YOU like to wrap presents? Do you go extravagant or easy peasy?



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