5 Surprising Flavor Combos for Eat an Extra Dessert Day

September 4 is Eat an Extra Dessert Day, and I definitely plan to indulge on this yummy holiday.

Take advantage of the excuse to eat an extra treat and try some memorable flavor combinations that may seem odd but will truly please the palate.

1. Chocolate-Chile Cake

Image via The Gourmand Mom

Yup, the recipe does indeed call for ground cayenne pepper.

2. Olive Oil on Ice Cream

Image via taste

Drizzle over chocolate or vanilla flavors.

3. Red Bean Mochi Rice Cake

Image via Huff Post Taste

Sure, beans usually hang out with vegetables, but you won’t even care when you bite into a a sweet mochi rice cake. If you’ve not yet tried this soft and chewy Korean pastry, today is the day to remedy the oversight.

4. Apple Confetti Cake

Image via krautlook and the kitchn

It seems ordinary enough, until you realize the ingredients include sauerkraut.

5. Avocado Brownies

Image via how sweet it is

Only the adventurous stomachs need apply for this creamy concoction.

What’s the oddest flavor pairing you’ve tried in a dessert?

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on 09/04/2014

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