Eye of the Tiger

Photo: News.bbc.co.uk

No, you’re not seeing things – that is definitely a tiger on Picabo Street’s helmet.

Not only does she have one of the coolest names in sports history, but when skier Picabo Street hit the hills, she didn’t shy away from showing off her fierce style. In fact, if you want to be noticed when flying down a mountain at 80 mph, you’d better not be afraid to be a little flashy. This sharp, dramatic ensemble sported by Street during her gold medal run in Nagano in 1998 cleverly integrates her individual style into the U.S.A’s signature red, white, and blue. Her history-making run secured her the gold by a mere hundredth of a second. How grrrreat is that?

For a fierce, less-spandex-y take on Picabo’s outfit, try pairing our St-eye-le of the Tiger Rain Boots with Sally’s Wearing a Red Dress. Don’t have a gold medal to show off? Try our Heart of Gold Ring!

How about you, Modsters? What are you wearing this winter to get noticed in the snow?

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