Fess Up — You’ve Seen Dazed and Confused More Than, Like, a Dozen Times

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The quintessential summer movie, Dazed and Confused manages to capture all the major high school cross-sections and cliches in less than two hours. It launched the careers of many now well-known stars and brought us quotable gems such as, “Air raid, freshmen! and “All right, all right, all right” (which a certain Oscar-winning actor proudly recited during his 2014 acceptance speech).

We’ve mentioned Dazed and Confused a ways back on the blog, but the movie merits a deeper exploration during the height of summer. August still offers plenty of time for mischief and mayhem, so let’s get rowdy like a bunch of teenagers on their last day of school in 1976.

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Dazed and Confused centers around junior and senior high school students, some segueing from childhood to young adulthood and others preparing themselves for the real world. Incoming high school freshmen, leaving the safety net of middle school, are quickly roped into chaotic rites of passage.

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On the last day of school, girls get covered in condiments at the signal of seniors, guys get the long end of the paddle, and we’re graced with an abundance of stripes and bell bottoms.

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Smelling summer freedom in the air, everyone starts making plans to celebrate the end of the semester. Popular gals scheme together in flowy peasant blouses and high-wast pants, accessorizing with fringed purses.

The geeks gather to discuss options for the evening.

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Jocks and hippies hang out and gear up for potential partying in the night ahead. When one option falls through, the bad boys (and one wide-eyed freshmen) stir up the neighborhood, knocking over mailboxes and cruising in search of entertainment.

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The teens all eventually end up at the local pool hall. A love connection is made between freshman Mitch, who’s learning the ropes, and a sophomore. Mitch also compares evenings with his female freshman equivalent, who sports a sweet macrame belt.

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We’re also treated to more eyefuls of crop tops, choker necklaces, and embroidery at the drive-in theater.

Finally, Dazed and Confused culminates in the party we’ve all been anticipating.

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All of the cliques come together in one epic hurrah in the woods. Once morning arrives, everyone heads their separate ways to face the day and their futures.

+ What’s your favorite line from Dazed and Confused?

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