Gifs to Inspire Your Next Summer Dance Bash

Maybe we’ve watched Beach Party a few too many times, but we think there’s no better complement to sunshine, waves, and a cute new summer outfit than a groovy dance party. You’re thinking, “sure, I’d love to join in the fun, but I’m no Annette Funicello!” Fear not, friend — we’ve collected a slew of inspiring gifs and tips to help you get set to shake it at your next bash!

Beach party dances of legend typically hail from the 60s. You know the ones. The monkey. The hitchhiker. Here, show the people, Tom:


Of course, traditions evolve, and rules are meant to be broken. So while we’re smitten with old-school moves…

giphy (2)

we’re also fans of a more modern style of dance. Hit it, Right Shark!


Outfit choice has a lot to do with it. It’s impossible not to feel like dancing in a look that makes you feel 100% fantastic, whether that’s a swimsuit that coordinates with your hair color…


pool-friendly furs…

giphy (1)

a stunning summer A-line…


or velour pants and a turtleneck. (Hey, we don’t know what the climate’s like where you live!)


Dancing at parties, summer or otherwise, tends to go one of two ways. Either everyone’s up and groovin’…


or you suddenly find yourself doing a solo performance.


No matter! Dancing, like style, is all about you doing you, for your own happiness. Sorry, to all the haters, creeps, and negative Nancys out there — you’re not welcome on this dance floor.


So, gather your friends, get out there…


and own it!


+What are your favorite summer flicks? Let us know in the comments!

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