That Comfy-Classy Combo: Our ModEmployees Model Gifts for Guys

Patrick is holding: This Book is a Planetarium Pop-Up Book; Marcus is holding: The Essential Bar Book; Esteban is holding: Grill My Cheese.

Between brothers, dads, beaus, and buddies, we’ve got some serious stocking-stuffing responsibilities ahead of us. You could sit and scroll through lists of ideas suggesting you wrap up some kitchen gadgets, techy tokens, or geeky gifts ’til you’re about to grow a Santa beard of our own, but sometimes ya just need to see the right present in action for it to click. You know? I gathered some of our guy employees to see what they thought of our super-soft tees and other gifts for guys.

Here’s Inventory Analyst Patrick, Inbound Operations Manager Marcus, and AP Specialist Esteban. Together, these awesome ModDudes brought some of their favorite ModCloth tees and trinkets to life. Scroll down to see what they have to say about their outfits of choice!

On Patrick: Best-Kept Secant Men’s T-Shirt; on Marcus: Bad Banana-Jama Men’s Tee; on Esteban: Game Difference Men’s Graphic Tee

In terms of tees, these dudes came for the style and stayed for the comfort. Pat was particularly drawn to the Best-Kept Secant Men’s T-Shirt because, “the graphic is cool, but the softness of the fabric is insane.” Marcus agreed, saying, “I wasn’t expecting the light and breathable material. Plus, the Bad Banana-Jama Men’s Tee has a stylish cut that worked well with my body.” Lookin’ good, feelin’ good, livin’ good. All three agreed that receiving one of these rad tees as a gift would be a glorious thing.

But, as amped as Marcus was about his super-comfy graphic tee, he just couldn’t keep his mind off this funky Pac-Man suit. Who can blame him? “It takes a big personality to pull off a suit like that, I definitely fit that bill.” Yep, you sure do, Marcus!

It didn’t take much convincing to recruit Pat and Esteban to slip into statement-making suits of their own. In Patrick’s words: “My first thought when Marcus suggested the plaid suit was that I need to buy this for myself.” Esteban agreed, “I was excited to wear something quirky and fun.” These two were feelin’ the lumberjack vibes like no other!

On Patrick: Plaid for Business Men’s Suit, It’s Just a Fresh Brew Mug; on Marcus: Work the Game Room Pac-Man Men’s Suit, I’ll Astromech a Pot Mug; on Esteban: Plaid for Business Men’s Suit, Pour and Shoot Camera Mug

This trio is ready to take on the holidays with all the oomph in the world. But, would they really wear these statement get-ups out ‘n’ about? Esteban assured, plain and simple, that, “Yes, I definitely would!” Marcus envisions himself rocking his look at the ModCloth Post-Holiday party or perhaps to celebrate his upcoming birthday. Patrick put the plaid suit on his wishlist—but maybe one of his loyal pals gifts it to him first. Hint, hint!

+Which of these unique gifts are you considering for the guys in your life?

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