Handmade Arcade

This weekend saw one of my absolute favorite yearly events: Handmade Arcade!

I have a love for craft fairs that is probably close to unreasonable. I love the thrill of discovery, I love seeing innovation and creativity, and I even love seeing poor execution (It shows me what not to do).

This year I managed to actually think outside of my own wants and needs and buy Christmas presents for others, but I can’t post them here… instead I’ll show you what I bought for myself.

I have this total hero worship for printed card line Etui. I bought five more of her prints for myself, four small ones

and one big one.

Tugboat Printshop is another wildly talented local brand/company that I adore. I bought this haunting woodcut of a canoe from them.

Last but certainly not least, I bought this handmade wood and canvas lamp that casts the most beautiful mellow glow. It’s by a friend who happens to sell this and other Kirkiture on Etsy.

Another good year, I think!

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