Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Holiday

(thrifted nightlight, $2)

We’re already talked about some great ways to have a Green Holiday, but we haven’t touched on my favorite eco-friendly tradition: scouring thrift stores for decorations! “Basic” decorations like ornaments and lights can be easily found, and with some pointers, you might find some true gems that can remain part of your decor year-round. After all, why spend more when you can thrift – your purchases may support charity and you’ll avoid all the wasteful packaging that comes with buying new!

Keep reading to see my thrifty holiday scores and learn some tricks to the trade…

1. Keep an eye out for items to add to your holiday collection year-round. Because most things you’ll find at thrift stores will be fairly inexpensive, it’s worth snapping up those special items and keeping them in storage until this time of the year.

(thrifted red suitcase, $5; green suitcase, $8; pair of ceramic birds, $4)

2. Many thrift stores will set up a holiday section around this time of the year – definitely check that out. But keep an open mind! Check out the other houseware sections for objects that might not be overtly “holiday” but would work nicely with your decor. I found these vintage suitcases and white ceramic birds at different times throughout the past year. When put together, they make a corner in my bedroom much more merry!

(thrifted window candles, $6 for set)

2. Check out garage sales. This time of the year is all about tradition, right? So why not carry on another family’s tradition by buying their unwanted holiday goods?

(thrifted brass deer, $2)

3. Finally, keep the cycle going! If you have any unwanted or unused decorations, donate them to a thrift store instead of throwing them out. That old saying is true: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Have you found any holiday decorations second-hand? Do you have any tips?

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  1. EB Finds 12/18/2009 at 6:42 pm #

    Thrift stores have great holiday finds! I found some truly great gifts this year, all from the Goodwill or Sally’s.

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