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If you were one of the lucky ones who got tickets this spring to see Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords live, rocking out in their particularly adorable fashion, I can bet you’re still chuckling to yourself about it.  I caught a glimpse of our favorite “guitar-based digi-bongo a capella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo from New Zealand” at Kent State University’s MAC Center, just a short road trip from Pittsburgh.

Keep reading for a tale of dancing robots, talking mattresses and more…! We arrived right on time, and the gymnasium was packed with thousands.  I was totally jazzed that the ‘special guest’ opening act was Kristen Schaal (a.k.a. Mel), but shocked to find she had started early! I guess the promptness was kind of funny in an ironic, a-real-rock-concert-would-never-start-on-time kind of way, but it made me a bit flustered. We were in bleacher-style seating, and our assigned seats were totally full. It was dark, hot, and I’m not going to lie – smelly. Luckily, we spotted a bleacher with a little room and squeezed ourselves into it. Once we finally got settled and I stopped fussing, we focused on the comedic genius that is Schaal. Her stand-up set was fresh, adorable, creative, and bizarre. She performed a one-act play starring a pot and wooden spoon, dressed up as a used mattress, and showed off her “Law and Order: SVU” audition piece wherein she shoved an entire chocolate cake into her mouth. I love her even more now, if that is possible.

As soon as she left the stage, the lights went down. Seconds later, Bret and Jemaine, dressed in fashionable, futuristic white suits entered the stage to lasers, smoke, and a throbbing synth-techno beat. They gyrated, grinded, and basically got down. It was a riot. The rest of the show was much more low key, as the duo took an ‘acoustic’ approach to their catalogue of songs. Sitting on bar stools for the duration of their 90-minute set, Bret and Jemaine established a very conversational, informal atmosphere. Their banter was amazing, highlighted by Bret’s request for a particular girl in the audience to join him on stage. He begged and pleaded, extended his hand to pull her up on stage, and when she grabbed it, he called Security on her. Priceless.

My favorite musical moment of the show had to be the rap throw-down between the Hiphopopotaums (Jemaine) vs. the Rhymenoceros, but I also loved “Mutha Uckas.” How could I not? Those silver-tongued devils love to turn a phrase, and I’m a girl who loves words. I was impressed to see fully-clad robots in the audience who sprung to life, robot-ing around during the extra-long version of “The Humans Are Dead.” It just goes to show how devoted FOTC fans really are. That’s why it’s so sad to consider a life without more Bret and Jemaine.  I know they’ve said that the series is over, but after seeing their truly entertaining live performance and their throngs of dedicated fans, I don’t really believe it.

Did you get to see FOTC on this tour? Leave a comment, and let us know what you thought…


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  1. Avatar
    tobi 06/01/2009 at 5:02 pm #

    I saw them in Las Vegas. Abosolutely outstanding!! Arj Barker (Dave on FOTC) was the opening act there. He was so funny my abs hurt by the time Bret and Jermaine even came on! Their fashion sense is amazing, and I fell in love with Jermaines beard… Good times.

  2. Avatar
    Kelsey 06/01/2009 at 8:24 pm #

    I saw them a couple of weeks ago in Washington!
    However, the special guest happened to be Arj Barker, aka Dave.
    He had an extremely shocking, biting wit which was simply perfect for him.

    I did not get to see the glory of the hiphopoppotamus vs. the rhymenocerous (bad spelling) but nothing beat Jemaine singing about all of his past relationship flops, with Bret and the audience crooning as the “choir of girlfriends.”

    Also, upon hearing a request for freebird, they willingly burst into their own rendition of the song which was nothing short of genius.

    All in all, the concert was amazing and I hope to see more of Flight of the Conchords

  3. Avatar
    Jen 06/02/2009 at 1:08 am #

    I saw them in LA over Memorial Day weekend! They had Eugene Merman (their Landlord in the show) and Arj Barker open for them. I’m sad they didn’t sing Robots at our particular concert, but I LOVE “Business Time,” which they did! They also invited some special guests to sing “Think About It, Think Think About It” in Spanish and it was absolutely HILARIOUS. I’ve been seeing them once a year ever since they started touring the States in ’07, and it’s so great to see them continue growing in popularity so exponentially!

  4. Avatar
    crystal 06/02/2009 at 5:39 am #

    molly, have you seen kristen on the daily show? i haven’t seen her lately, but she’s done a few pieces for them in the past & that’s what made me a true fan!!

  5. Avatar
    Molly 06/02/2009 at 6:57 am #

    I’ve never seen her on the Daily Show, but I have seen her on Never Mind the Buzzcocks…she was so amazing!!

  6. Avatar
    Charlene 06/02/2009 at 10:19 am #

    When I saw this special FOTC Modcloth blog post, I freaked out (I told you I was freekie)!! I saw them back in April at the IU Auditorium and they proved that they were more amazing live!
    We had Eugene Merman as our introducing act, and he was surprisingly funny in a style that was low-key and bitterly sarcastic (inappropriately touching bears and Delta Airlines, anyone?).
    I could ramble on and on about the rest of the act, from their bit about “Stana” to Bret practically walking on top of some lucky people in the front row to a man proposing to his girlfriend at the end of the show. 🙂 What I loved most about Bret and Jemaine was that they actually welcomed the hecklers (except when they caught some people recording them, which was still hilarious)… I can’t lie, I wanted to be one of those shouting my love for FOTC.

    Though I couldn’t see more than a brightly-colored blur of them from my seat in the second balcony, I still give this act two thumbs up!

    PS: As for the dedicated fandom, I saw a guy wearing the “hair-met” (copyright Bret) a few rows down from me!

  7. Avatar
    Shelbz 06/03/2009 at 7:37 pm #

    That show sold out in STL fast. I was so mad because I am such a huge fan.

  8. Avatar
    Suzz 06/06/2009 at 6:39 pm #

    Got to see them in Berkeley CA! I heart Jermaine.

  9. Avatar
    Sara 06/12/2009 at 9:59 am #

    I saw them in Boston! The show was great, even from a distance.

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