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Dana discovered ModCloth one day while scouring the Internet for Mod handbags. A few weeks later, she ran across one of our Craigslist casting calls, and the rest is history!

Dana has been active in performing arts, like theater and dance, since high school; and from these hobbies, her interest in modeling grew. Then in college, she began to explore this expressive art form by modeling for fine artists and photographers.

Read on to learn about Dana’s many hobbies and her Valentine’s Day tip!

[Images above: left, Dana posing at King’s Garden in Copenhagen; right, acting in a performance piece by local artist, Thommy Conroy]

Today, Dana works for a design and research firm in Pittsburgh where she combines her creative background in art with communication, planning, and storytelling. And when she’s not working, this busy girl is expanding her long list of hobbies, which include paper crafts, floral design, and creative writing.

“With the New Year freshly upon us, I am feeling a lot of excitement and energy for these projects and can’t wait to get my hands dirty in paints and inks and brainstorming! Writing, paper cutting, and wheat pasting are at the top of my priority list,” she told me. Dana even has a new sewing machine that she plans to master, so she can alter her own clothing.

Here are a few of her favorite things, in her own words:

Dana’s Favorite…

ModCloth Item:

Gosh, there are so many, and so many that are so cleverly named at that! The Shirley Temple Sneakers have to be my all-time favorite, thus far. They satisfy my tomboy cravings to dress like the boys, but the tiny details on the toe of the shoe and the tweed fabric are delicate and feminine. Can you order some more in my 8 ½ shoe size? I’ll make you all Shirley Temples at the office on an upcoming Friday if you do…

My favorite band of all time has to be Thin Lizzy, an Irish hard rock band with the charismatic frontman and leader, Phil Lynott. Unfortunately, most people know the band for their classic rock radio station staple “The Boys Are Back In Town,” and that’s a shame, because the song hardly touches upon their musical force and variety.

My musical tastes are very diverse and broad, but I return to the albums from this band over and over again. The music spans from folk to heavy metal and always makes me feel like I am living in a different place at a different time. Aside from all of this, Lynott’s fashion choices are great to absorb, as well. He mixes silken shirts of the 70s with studded belts, tight pants, a signature large gold hoop earring, and a lot of attitude and funky silver jewelry.

Cinema Paradiso, directed by Guiseppe Tornatore, is one of my favorite films. I saw it when I was quite young and it catalyzed for me a great romance with the movies. I believe that, in many ways, it was my love for movies that led me to performance work and theater.

Reading is a relaxing and thoughtful hobby for me, and I constantly have books piling up to be read. I can’t honestly say that I have a favorite book or a favorite author. I enjoy the plays of Tennessee Williams and also novels by Paulo Coelho but I’m almost always drawn to non-fiction and how-to manuals. I know how to make kites, fix my car, and bake vegan because of them. It’s rewarding for me to read something and then put that information into action.

[Here, Dana is putting her fishing skills into action, showing off her morning catch during a family vacation in Canada.]

Karaoke Song:
For all of my love of performing, I don’t sing karaoke. I’m considering popping my karaoke cherry in New York City when I visit friends soon, allowing me to likely never again cross paths with folks in the audience. Joan Jett’s Cherry Bomb and Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire are both contenders for my virgin performance.

Style Icon:
Most of my style influences come from cultural history or my own imagination, instead of specific designers or celebrities. For example, as noted above, certain rock musicians are influences. I’m very attracted to western culture and classic country music, so I really treasure my vintage 70s Frye campus boots and large, stamped leather belt collection. I’m also attracted to styles influenced from glam and punk culture of the early 70s. Because of this, I always feel most comfortable in tight skinny pants, I’ll never give up my combat boots, and I really load on the dramatic eye makeup when going out. I could go on and on.

Way to Spend a Weekend:
Home cooking, time outdoors, and relaxing are staples for me on the weekends. I love to make massive breakfasts of waffles, fresh fruit, eggs, and coffee. I stuff myself ‘til way past full, and then go for long hikes in the parks or nearby woods. I like pruning and tending to my indoor jungle of house plants and reading. In the evenings, I cook fancier dinners and watch movies. At this time of the year, I’ve pretty much perfected hibernation.

*An Extra Valentine’s Day Tip*
For a homemade and crafty Valentine’s greeting, consider making an origami paper crane and tucking it inside a card of sugary sentiments, or string several paper cranes of various sizes together to create doorway or bedpost decorations.

Cranes choose partners for life, and their symbolism is sweetly appropriate for your special someone. Here are some easy directions with great visuals for folding paper cranes.


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    angela 02/12/2009 at 1:08 pm #

    that is so funny! She came across you guys the same way I did. I googled Vintage Handbags and there you guys were. Hasn’t been a day where I dont hit up your website. Cant afford anything yet buuuuut I will. Got bills 🙁 I LOVE MODCLOTH

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    Charlene 02/12/2009 at 3:22 pm #

    I second that, Angela. 😀 I’m also not able to afford anything, what being a “poor college student.” >.

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    (What the heck, my post cut off)

    Also, I’m diggin’ Dana’s pixie haircut style– if I could pull that sort of ‘do off, I so would… just. Like. That.

    You can tell that she puts a lot of thought into what she does; so keep up the good work! 🙂

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    Paulette 02/13/2009 at 5:25 pm #

    This is funny – I used to waitress with Dana way back in the day. I’m glad she’s still in town and a ModCloth girl. Dana embodies the characteristics of a ModGirl – she’s smart, artistic, talented, spirited, and brave. Hooray!

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    Nokia 11/27/2009 at 7:31 pm #

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