Meet N.E.E.T. Magazine

Have you been craving more indie and vintage inspiration? Well, look no further than N.E.E.T. Magazine (and their new blog)! N.E.E.T. is an online publication from the U.K.  filled with trendsetting art and fashion from around the globe.

Stephanie J. created the mag; and she plans, designs, organizes and edits all of its content! A few weeks ago, she took a little time out of her crazy busy schedule for a ModCloth interview.

Meet Stephanie

Crystal: Stephanie, how do you put together this entire magazine by yourself?!

Stephanie: It’s a full-time job! Every issue takes around two months to put together, and I edit N.E.E.T. alongside my freelance web design work ( It involves about a million emails and some very late nights!

Crystal: What inspired you to create N.E.E.T.?

Stephanie: N.E.E.T. came about in 2005 as an online publication dedicated to showcasing independent talent – design, art, and general fantastic originality. N.E.E.T. is the first of its kind: online, free, and packed with everyone from a crafter creating from their kitchen table to a fashion design graduate straight out of college to a team of friends doing it for the love of it.

I hope and feel that I have in some way brought independent creativity to those who may not have had a prior interest in it.  I think that as long as there are people who create without needing (or wanting) the backing of a multi-million pound corporation (and there have been people doing just that since the beginning of time) there will always be an interest in things like N.E.E.T.!

I am the founder, editor and tea-girl of the magazine – everything is organized and laid out by me, and I think that gives the magazine a more cohesive feel.

Stephanie J., the founder of N.E.E.T. Magazine

Crystal: What does N.E.E.T. stand for?

Stephanie: N.E.E.T. is actually a UK government classification meaning “Not currently engaged in Employment, Education, or Training” — which I wasn’t when I started the magazine! It has a slightly derogatory meaning, referring to young people who aren’t employed or doing anything really worthwhile – I took the term and gave it to the magazine to show that there are many people who are self-employed, or doing many different things – not just working in one career or in an office.

Crystal: Where do you find everything included in each issue?

Stephanie: I find the talent featured in the magazine through online communities – Flickr, Myspace, Livejournal, Deviantart, emails direct to me, and the myriad of blogs about independent fashion and design.

Crystal: What is your favorite part of creating the magazine?

Stephanie: Discovering great new talent – it thrills me that after four years, there are still fresh faces creating independently.

Crystal: What encouragement can you give to girls who want to start their own mag or break into that industry?

Stephanie: There’s been tons of online magazines starting since N.E.E.T. began back in 2005. The best advice is: Be original. No one really wants to read the same old stuff rehashed over and over, nor do ordinary people (who are usually the most extraordinary!) really have the budget to wear Prada and Gucci. Make it accessible. That’s why N.E.E.T. works – it’s inspirational, not just aspirational.

Crystal: What’s next for N.E.E.T.?

Stephanie: I’d really like to try a collectors’ edition in print. And there’s a blog in the works (note to readers: it’s here!), and possibly even a shop…!


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    Susan 09/16/2009 at 3:35 pm #

    N.E.E.T. is incredible. Great job Stephanie (and nice interview Crystal)!!

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    Gilly 09/17/2009 at 3:36 am #

    love love love NEET, good work girls.

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