ModCloth Fans <3 Cats & CatConLA!

When the folks at CatConLA asked if we’d like to participate in this year’s event, we pounced on the opportunity.  Did we have the time of our lives? Yes… if only we had 8 more of them (so we could have 8 times the fun)!

Photo via Jago Soria/CatConLA

Photo via Jago Soria/CatConLA

While there, we met dozens of fashionable fans of felines and ModCloth. There was so much good style, energy, and camaraderie all around, and it’s clear that we’re finally moving away from stigma of the “crazy cat lady.” The modern cat ladies (and men) are cool, connected, and full of character! Here are a few we found to be particularly fierce:

Pictured: (Left) Katy Lone with Pudge. Katy wore the Purr-Suit of Happiness Top. (Right) CatCon “Kitty Correspondent” Allegra Riggio in the Start Spreading the Mews Dress.

Kady Lone is the mom of the famously furry Pudge and also an editor/designer for Cats of Instagram. We asked her how she defines the modern cat lady. She mentioned being featured in a recent Paper Magazine article about how so many owners of Internet-famous animals are easy on the eyes. “It’s becoming a thing where we can be like, ‘yeah, I’m a cat lady. But I’m also sexy,'” she said. “It’s breaking the gross, unattractive cat lady stereotype. It’s attractive and cool to be a cat lady.”

We also asked Kady what makes cats so fashionable. “People wear the things they like, like band tees,” she said. “Cats are the same thing. And then there’s the cat accessories, like cat ears… That’s a different level! But I think it just comes down to people wanting to rep what they like.”

CatCon LA-1675

Participants & judges of a cat fashion show. Photo via Jago Soria/CatConLA

CatCon “Kitty Correspondent” Allegra Riggio is also a self-professed cat lover. “There’s a mystique about cats,” she said. “It’s like an ‘It’ thing, like you see in Hollywood with certain starlets. Cats are like that.”

We asked her how sees the success of CatCon (with 15,000 attendees) as a sign of how society is smashing old stereotypes. “There’s so much commerce in the cat world, and art, fashion, business… It’s a commodity!,” she said. “Luckily we’re living in a world where people can let their freak flag fly and they don’t have to hide anymore, so you can be unafraid to share your love of cats. We’re lucky — in the 1950s if you were over 30 and had a cat or two, that was it for you.”

Check out some of the other fashionable feline enthusiasts we met:

Aren’t they the cat’s meow? We even spotted the Tropic & Choose Bag (left) and the Rad to the Bone Dress (right). Elise Spacek, (middle) co-creator of the game Cantankerous Cats, was wearing one of our bestsellers from yesteryear.

We also spotted the fan favorite Breathtaking Tigerlilies Skirt (left), as well as some cute peter pan collars and fun statement prints that totally characterize our kind of style. It’s pretty clear that today’s cat fanciers are pretty fancy, themselves.

+Can’t wait until next year’s CatCon? Why not prep your wardrobe with some of our cute cat gear, like these:

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