Mushroom Mondays!

Ever wonder about the origins of the ModCloth logo?

Sure, mushrooms are cute and vintage-y. But there’s a deeper meaning… one that any person stepping foot in my house will quickly figure out. For years, I’ve been collecting mushroom-themed goods; everything from kitchen canisters to umbrella holders. If it has a mushroom on it, I love it and probably own it. Here’s where Mushroom Monday comes in. Every week, I’ll post a picture and description of one of my beloved fungi treasures, starting with these vintage wall hangings.

These hang above my dishwasher and make me smile – even when my housemates put silverware in the wrong way.

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  1. Dan 11/07/2007 at 4:14 pm #

    Yeh i know it always gets to me when silver is put into my dishwasher too.

    oh and i love the mushrooms ;D

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