Tales from the Road: NY Fashion Week

After multiple flight cancellations and a nine-hour train ride in snowy weather, we finally made it to New York City for our first Fashion Week! Equipped with laptops, cameras, and a few donuts, ModWriters Julie and Jenn documented our whirlwind week in the city so we could share it with all of you!

Of course, our trip started in disaster…

Feb. 10 (Wed.)

12 p.m. Working from home, as my flight has been canceled. Do we reschedule, rent a car, or take the train? Aah! There’s no way we’re making it to the Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards tonight. I’m bummed we’re missing it, but I know more opportunities await in the future! I’ll have to stay connected through Twitter to keep up on the buzz as it happens from afar, sigh!

Feb. 11 (Th.)

Aire and Turi start their nine-hour train ride to New York. Meanwhile, I try and infiltrate the tents another way... via hashtag!

10 a.m. No longer willing to wait, our Traditional Media Coordinator, Aire, and PR Specialist Turi decided to take the train to NYC.  I opt to wait for the next scheduled flight. In the meantime, I’m checking out what the #nyfw talk is on Twitter and trying to get my tweets to appear on the Twitter stream in the main tent (#amexmbfw)!

New York, at last!

3 p.m. Arrived! I swear, Old Man Winter had it out for Pittsburgh. Somehow, there’s hardly a pinch of snow on the streets here. Next step: Pick up our press passes, observe Bryant Park, scope out potential Seen Style pics and get settled in. I’ve already run into my good friend Julia of FashionPulseDaily.com while she was interviewing Fashion Week attendees, asking them about their chosen footwear for the day, boots or dressy shoes (Jeffrey Campbell boots all the way!).

Bijules vs. Ruvan, and a snapped Seen Style!

5 p.m. Braved the cold for the Bijules vs. Ruvan presentation. Stylist Charlese Jones’ blog has a good inside look at some of the designer’s bone-inspired jewelry, as well as the layout of the presentation. Who knew  shoulder armor could be so stunning? I think I might need one. Or maybe this could be a future DIY project…  (Seriously, if someone can recreate this, please document and blog about it!)

Best quote of the night came from a fellow industry writer who I met and bonded with (after commenting on my vintage-inspired ModCloth attire): “This is the way New York was in the 80s. Girls dressed up and people drank from the bottle. I know, I’m in my 40s.” What a character! Sadly, I forgot to get his information. However, I’m pretty sure I gave him my card, so maybe he’ll read this post!

Feb. 12 (Fri.)

4 p.m. If I said Fierce Style, what would you think? The answer I am looking for is Christian Siriano, la-day! We had one invite to Christian’s show at 3 p.m., with which I tried to sneak in with Crystal, our E-mail and Newsletter Coordinator, but couldn’t get past the Fashion Week authorities (I’ve seen it done before!). A few other ModClothers are hitting up the Sheila Frank Presentation. Before the day ended, our Social Media Coordinator Natasha dropped a little something off at a famous fabric store…

Twitter Hide and Chic at Mood

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have been on the hunt for our goody bag around 5 p.m. today when we tweeted the hint, “http://twitpic.com/12urka – Hide & Chic in NY. This tote will put you in the Mood. Find it!” Want to suggest an area that Hide and Chic come to in the future? Tweet it to us!

Feb. 13 (Sat.)

10 a.m. Saturday is going to be a busy day for all of us! Most of the ModCloth team is attending Chictopia, where our founder Susan is a panelist! As Chictopia took place, I ended up meeting Aneta of Bobbin Talk, Jordana of Clutch22, and some other bloggers,  and ended up in a video interview about Fashion Week wardrobes! My answer? ModCloth, of course!

Karen Walker's lookbook, the Irina Shabayeva show

8 p.m. Went to the Karen Walker show, whose sunglasses I fell in love with, then took flight to the beautiful show of Project Runway winner, Irina Shabayeva.

Feb. 14 (Sun.)

Custo Barcelona show

1 p.m. Hooray! My fellow ModWriter, Jenn, finally makes it to New York.  While the PR team got ready for the Custo Barcelona show, Jenn and I scurried out of the tents to do a little shopping at the amazing Hell’s Kitchen Flea! We both left with two show-stopping items. (What were they? We’re keeping it a secret until this week’s My Favorite Find!)

Hell's Kitchen Flea, with a little bit of Jenn in the top right corner.

Feb. 15 (Mon.)

IFB's Evolving Influence Conference

2 p.m. Oof. What a day! Between IFB Evolving Influence Conference panels, networking, and gawking at celebrity bloggers (Tavi! Hanneli! The Sarorialist! Garance!), Julie and I rushed across town for Katie Gallagher‘s show at the Soho Grand.

A Katie Gallagher jacket, and a donut friend

Gallagher’s sleek, futuristic clothes were even more amazing in person, and it took us all our self control to not barrel the models over and steal their nude Irregular Choice heels. Lucky for them, we were weak and hadn’t yet eaten lunch. So, after the show, we marched over to America’s fueling station, Dunkin Donuts, for a donut lunch.

7 p.m. After a hectic day, we all meet in Campaign Manager Maggie’s hotel room to swap Fashion Week stories. Maggie and our Writing Team Coordinator, Molly, regale us with tales of celebrity sightings at the Ecco Domani show. Molly informs us that she sat directly across from America’s Next Top Model’s Miss J. We all agree that Molly wins for the night.

Feb. 16 (Tue.)

10 a.m. GETTING. PELTED. BY. SNOW. Hope my eyeliner’s as waterproof as it claims to be. Trudging through the slushy Brooklyn streets with Julie for an artist interview, and the snow is just coming down on us in these enormous, wet gobs and soaking us to the bone. Hope we don’t look like drowned rats by the time we reach the artist’s apartment.

2 p.m. Looked like drowned rats. Still, got a fantastic interview. Can’t wait for you guys to see it! Now, to find lunch…

2:30 p.m. Not sure if the donuts find us, or if it’s us finding them. Now at the deliciously retro Peter Pan Bakery in Williamsburg, where Julie and I enjoy another donut lunch. Red velvet donut, anyone?

Samantha Pleet show

6 p.m. Just got back from the Samantha Pleet runway show, which has me convinced that I need more sweetheart necklines and plaid in my closet, stat. Loved the sultriness of her show, and Pleet’s practical, feminine, eco-friendly separates. What’s more, Pleet’s a Philly native! Go PA!

Feb. 18 (Th.)

Only a few minutes until we board our plane back to Pittsburgh! We’re reluctant to leave New York, but can’t wait to see everyone at the office again. Plus, we can’t be too unhappy when we hear this news:  Susan’s been quoted in a Women’s Wear Daily article about Fashion Week! Not a bad first impression, eh?


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  1. Avatar
    Maya 02/22/2010 at 5:06 pm #

    Apart from the drama at the start it sounds like a hecticly awesome week.

    Also everytime I see NYFW I see NSFW. I think I need to get off my interwebs for awhile!

  2. Avatar
    Aire (ModCloth) 02/22/2010 at 5:10 pm #

    Great recap ladies! Its nice to know any time I want to recall these magical days I can read this lovely diary!

    P.S. I’m so pumped 3 of my pics made it to the post 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Mandy (Modcloth) 02/22/2010 at 5:53 pm #

    Good article you two!! Looks like so much fun! <3

  4. Avatar
    Eli 02/22/2010 at 10:28 pm #

    ah that is so cool! and a quote in WWD woohoo

  5. Avatar
    Keaven Willa 02/23/2010 at 9:10 am #

    I loved the video about whether people were planning their outfits or not. I was surprised at the answers from certain people…
    Also, two very enthusiastic thumbs up for the Susan quote. I agree 100% about the time for department stores being past and today’s fashion being driven by hear-say and impulse.
    Keep up the good work ladies!

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