Oh, Shoot!

On Tuesday, the band Heavy Trash rolled into Pittsburgh to perform at the Thunderbird Cafe, just blocks from the ModCloth office. Led by legendary indie rocker Jon Spencer, Heavy Trash dumps on its audience a dollop of rockabilly drumming, bluesy bass playing,  twangy guitar picking, and a hulking helping of soulful hooting and hollering from a charismatic frontman who seems possessed by the spirit of a twitchy-legged teen heartthrob from Memphis. When I heard about this event, my mind began scripting scenarios of documenting their energetic set with the very unisex Diana F+ Snowcat Camera.

My daydream begins with ModCloth buyer Sari and I snatching up our cameras and hauling it on over to the venue to shoot some photos. Sari’s wearing a Precious Petal Dress and a Drummer Girl Jacket, and I’m sporting a rebelliously all black ensemble that features a leather jacket and my best band tee. Arriving at the entrance, the two of us look so cool that the doorman mistakes us for members of the band. He nearly lets us in for free until we ‘fess up and fork over the admission fee so that the band gets all the payment they deserve for their performance.

After a quick stop at the bar to say hello to couple of familiar faces, Sari stomps through the crowd in her Truth or Consequences Boots to make her way to the front of the audience and capture the band up close. I quickly follow suit and find a spot next to Sari among the many rock ‘n’ roll revelers. As the band plays, I stand there transfixed by the sounds and the showmanship transpiring on stage, nearly forgetting to focus my Diana F+ Snowcat Camera on the spectacle before me.

After the last note rings out from the PA speakers, Sari and I stop by the merch table to pick up Heavy Trash’s latest album. As we stuff our goodies into Sari’s Canvassing Tote, several other show-goers approach us to compliment Sari’s style. “Heavy Trash was awesome, but I couldn’t help noticing those fun frills on your boots and the military-inspired accents on your jacket!” they say. Extremely flattered, Sari thanks them for their kind words, gives them her business card, and lets them know that they can achieve a similar look by shopping at ModCloth.com!

How about you, ModReaders? What would you wear to catch a show by one of your favorite bands?


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    Starr Crow 04/30/2010 at 10:44 am #

    oh, this photo is precious! Sari does have great style. 🙂

    Seeing as my next big show is Bonnaroo I would have to plan my outfit for that. The Morisot dress looks so summery and comfy (which is key), but that tie dye in the Island In The Sundress just screams Bonnaroo. I’ll have to splurge on one of these before the big date! btw, will you all be hiding prizes again this year?

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    Katta Kvack 05/03/2010 at 2:18 pm #

    As it happens, I went to see The Sounds last Thursday here in Stockholm and wore the incredible Ivory Symphony skirt. Amazing little number, that skirt. Got so many compliments both at the gig and at work before heading off for the show that it made me both giddy and a little bit dizzy. Love it! http://www.kattakvack.se/?p=4049

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