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Last Thursday’s premiere of Project Runway, Season 7 was terrible. Terribly pleasing, that is. One episode into what promises to be an interesting season, personalities are already being painted and interesting items are already being created. You heard what the judges had to say, but how about a modest ModCloth opinion?

Read on to hear a new take on Episode One’s designs, and don’t forget to share your thoughts by commenting![Images Above:]

1. Considering the aesthetic brilliance of Amy’s pre-Project Runway portfolio, this creation was a let down. Though the detailing on the right bust is interesting in theory, it failed to read in person. One couldn’t tell exactly what was going on there when the model began her walk down the runway. The skirt was streamed into interesting pleats, but was a touch too short to achieve a satisfactory effect.

2. A is for Anna, and it’s also for Adorable. Endearing traits aside, Anna delighted us with her dress. Although the design was semi-steeped in that “I’ve already seen it” feeling, Anna’s garment was still girlishly pleasing, with an immediate, positive impact. The cut was flattering and the glimmering gold and peach tones were easy on the eyes. If only she’d successfully reworked the crinoline skirt of her original idea, Anna’s creation would have been a winner.

3. To be perfectly frank, Mila’s ensemble was perfectly underwhelming. Though the jacket looked great on the mannequin, it proved to be resoundingly shapeless when rolled out on the runway. The way it fell failed to flatter. The remainder of the outfit was a fairly boring professional mix that belongs on a department store rack, not the runway. One must, however, laud Mila for the expert construction of her pieces. They looked very well-made.

4. How Emilio managed to stitch together (literally) such a complex look in such a small sliver of time is a near mystery. Yet, he succeeded. The complex interweaving of fabric seen in his garment is unusual, yet aesthetic, and the cut of the skirt gives it movement so lovely that it freezes onlookers in their tracks. Only critique? The one-shoulder look is a touch too 90’s. Yes, fashion repeats itself, but this style generally doesn’t merit rebirth.

5. From a design standpoint, Ben’s dress is fabulous. Space age without being costume-y, and metallic without looking like a Cartier display, Ben managed to created an inventive, fresh look with just the right mix of statement and understatement. Sadly, the fabric did not lie quite right on the model.

6.  Jay’s outfit had a lot going for it. The fabrics went well together. The bust, though perhaps a bit low, exhibited a stunning design of small pleats. One could even have lived with the ruffled accouterments dipping around the back. But, what was that center embellishment? It looked like the scene from the movie Alien when an extraterrestrial burst out of Kane’s stomach. Remove that pompom of disaster, and we can talk.

7. Although Anthony’s dress was somewhat over the top, it didn’t deserve to be in the bottom three. Granted, the fabric was a bit, well, clownish, but the design was superbly interesting and the craftsmanship was pleasingly precise. Is it possible that the judges picked on him because they knew his hilarious, ebullient personality had already won the viewers over? Perhaps. Creating anxiety among the viewership is great bait for bringing back return viewers.

8. From the headpiece on down, Ping created a truly stunning ensemble. The contrasting colors popped without exploding, and the masterful drape of the fabric turned the model into a walking sculpture. The one puzzling part? The unexplained drape of fabric carried over the arm. This large bolt would make wearing such an outfit cumbersome, and the whole worked well without it.

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9. One must agree with the judges: What happened with this dress? It showed promise, but something in the dress – Was it an attempt to be too complex? The optical overload of pattern+drape? The puckering fit? – did not work. Certainly the abrupt termination of the fabric drape at rear did not help the situation. Efforts at elaboration are to be applauded, but only if the overall result isn’t overwhelming.

10. Someone please wake us up when this design gets off the runway. It’s a pity Janeane ditched her original design, something that showed intricate promise, for the rather boring outfit she sent down the runway. Sheer blouse with ruffles on the chest? Seen it. Khaki mini with rather ill pleats? Hope we won’t see it again. The outfit failed to impress.

11. Although the Barbie Dream House pink of this ensemble was a bit off-putting, it certainly made a statement on the runway. Despite Mr. Gunn’s recommendation, however, this dress would have been better served if kept in its original indigo hue. The architectural design, which conjures up images of fluidly formed pagodas, would speak for itself if painted in a more muted palette, thus allowing viewers to appreciate the cable-crossed back and triangular sleeves.

12. Until the model removed her jacket, Jesse’s ensemble was enough to make one screech in pain. The fit looked terribly awkward, and the overall wall of yawn-inducing tan houndstooth-plaid was drab. True, the shoulder-less red shirt underneath breathed a new life into the outfit, but it wasn’t enough to save the entire look from the abyss of unattractiveness.

13. Head-to-toe crocodile-style fabric should only be worn by Jane of the Jungle! That said, this dress does have some positive aspects. If one can ignore the horizontal seam maladroitly used to lengthen the dress, the garment’s shape flatters the figure. The asymmetrically attached neckband risks looking like a dog collar, but somehow manages to create interesting angles. Lastly, the fishtail train gives the garment a nice dose of movement.

14. Like moonlight trickling through eerie, twisted tree branches, the bust of Jonathan’s composition was laden with intrigue. It’s abstract, yet aesthetic layout caught the eye and captured the imagination. The remainder of the dress, the purposefully uneven, flowing skirt and the cut-out back, were not of special note, but worked nicely with the complexly patterned bust. The only flaw was the belt, which jarringly shattered the clean lines of the dress.

15. Although the end product felt unbalanced, one couldn’t help but admire the ideas and workmanship woven into Maya’s creation. The ruffles draping over the shoulder were lusciously imbued with a fantastic layering of fabric and volume, and the colors coordinated fabulously, but something, something to guide the eye throughout the dress, was missing.

16. Hot Topic, anyone? Although people might cringe when accosted with the sight of Seth’s outfit, the judges had a point. Seth’s design is incredibly marketable. On the other hand, such mass market designs are not meant for the runway. In any case, if one can lock their personal taste away temporarily, they’ll discover that Seth’s dress is, in fact, masterfully made. Though the patterns are distracting, the design of the dress itself is rather original.

Though we can only guess what may be in store this upcoming season, one thing’s for sure – it’s already zipped us in to following it!


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  1. Avatar
    crystal 01/19/2010 at 6:22 pm #

    great review!! =)

  2. Avatar
    Maya 01/19/2010 at 6:52 pm #

    I thought last season was good. This made me all happy and i’m so greatful that they started the series again so soon.

    I loved the little faux suspenders on Seth’s dress but I couldn’t stand the zipper – to me it looked unfinished and cheap.

    I can’t wait for the next episode – DEERRAAAMMMA!

  3. Avatar
    Chloe 01/19/2010 at 7:05 pm #

    I loved the episode. Im exited for the next! The review was great, good job!

  4. Avatar
    Emily H 01/20/2010 at 10:15 am #

    I loved the review. It was like watching the episode all over again! Emilio’s dress REALLY is a masterpiece. I would wear that all the time if I could get it. I was actually really sad to see Christiane go because I thought her dress had potential; I do understand why they did it though. I cannot wait for the rest of the season! Do you watch Models of the Runway too?

  5. Avatar
    Vasil 01/20/2010 at 2:17 pm #

    I will not call myself a fan of the show but I like the concept of it if that makes sense; however, I watch it very closely.
    I am excited about this sesson because I think the group is way more talanted or at least their portfolios made me think so than last season’s cast.
    I disagree that winning outfit is all that great–actually it looked like it is complicated and would take time to make but it is very simple/basic…I hope the rest of the winning looks are far more innovative and complicated…
    8. Ping’s outfit in my opinion is far from stunning; everyone can achaive the same look by draping three Snuggies…
    Also, “the unexplained drape of fabric carried over the arm” was worn when the model first hit the runway and it was wrapping her body and head.
    In my opinion, Anthony, 7, should have gone home and Maya, 14, should have been the winner

  6. Avatar
    crystal 01/20/2010 at 2:26 pm #

    haha vasil- draping three snuggies- i love that comment!

  7. Avatar
    Katie 01/20/2010 at 5:53 pm #

    I never understood why the judges were so smitten with Ping’s look, either- seriously, I don’t think she really even sewed anything.

    And I’m going to have to say that I’m absolutely in love with everything about the winning dress. Totally something I would wear!

  8. Avatar
    Jess 01/23/2010 at 9:29 pm #

    I love Ping’s creativity! I just hope she finds a more practical way to channel that energy. Lets face it, the two outfits she’s done so far are dreadful, but I think she has potential.

    Besides that, this season seems a LOT more interesting then the ones in the past. Everyone seems to be on a higher level at least.

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