Try This Whimsically Woodsy Pumpkin Diorama


Now, here’s a Halloween DIY that’s as easy as (pumpkin) pie! This year, instead of the same ol’ jack-o’-lantern, why not carve up something darlingly different? We made a pumpkin diorama with a whimsically woodsy scene, and with these simple step-by-step tips, you can, too!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

We used a pumpkin (obvi), carving tools, a marker, some miniature trees, moss, and these fun Fritters & Critters salt & pepper shakers. 


Step 2: Cut n’ Scoop


Next, draw a rectangular frame on the side of your pumpkin, then grab your carving tool and start cutting along the lines. Pull out the rectangle, then grab your scoop and roll up your sleeves — it’s about to get a little messy! Before you start hollowing out the pumpkin, put down some newspaper, then scoop out all the seeds, strings, and icky innards.


Step 3: Decorate


Now for the fun part! Create your diorama scene with moss, stones, trees, figurines, electric tea lights, and whatever else will make for a fun fall forest setting.

+How will you be you prettifying your pumpkin?

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