Unisex-y in San Francisco

If you’re headed to today’s Name It and Win It featured city, it helps to keep a tidy list of sights you want to see. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Golden Gate Park, San Francisco’s 49 square miles are packed with things to see and do! With the help of the handy Places to Check Out journal, Product Stylist Brittney and I put together ensembles that would be perfect for parading around San Francisco.

Boil down the sartorial essence of San Francisco into one phrase, and you’ll be left with something like “cosmo boho.” San Francisco is a place where sunshine-loving hippies intermingle with metropolitan-chic hipsters, and it was this fusion of seemingly disparate fashions that we wanted to represent with our styling. We combined sleek blacks with bright colors, as is evident in Brittney’s The Sheer Thought of This Dress, and my pairing of black trousers with a red floral Western shirt.

If you plan on getting an early start to your day, we recommend a tasty, hot cup of joe from one of the Blue Bottle Coffee Company locations and fighting ‘Frisco’s foggy morning chill with a jacket. Brittney avoids a cold shoulder by wearing theĀ  That’s the Way Love Goes Jacket in Musician, while I sport my trusty leather jacket. And whether you’re shopping the boutiques and thrift stores in the Mission District, or taking in a view of the Pacific from the Sutro Bath Ruins, you’ll need some shoes that are as easy on the feet as they are on the eyes. That’s why Brittney wears the flat, comfy, and visually striking Cuneiform Boot.

And finally, if you’ve left your heart in a city other than the one by the Bay, you can remember the one you love when you’re far away by keeping their photo inside the Lock It Necklace.

How about you, readers? What are your favorite spots in San Francisco? What would you wear on a tour through the town?

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  1. Nickie Frye 06/10/2010 at 7:59 pm #

    Obviously you must visit the Haight. A martini at the Top of the Mark is great. There’s a fabulous tapas restaurant in the Mission called Ramblas. I highly recommend the basil vodka lemonade & basically all the food. If you’re here on the first Sunday of the month, head over to Alameda for the Antiques & Collectibles Fair.. I’ll be selling there this summer. Enjoy your visit! xoxo Nickie

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