Video: A Li’l Inspiration for All That Last-Minute Gift Wrapping

This is it. The final countdown. You’ve got a stack of gifts ready to wow your friends and fam on the big day. There’s just ooooone small to-do left on your list.

Wrapping them all.

Gift wrapping can be fun or seemingly futile, depending on how much time you’ve got in your celebration-season schedule. To help inspire you to get started on your gift wrapping routine, we’ve put together a little speed wrapping challenge! Our team put 30 seconds on the clock, and challenged me to wrap some of our more… unconventional gifts as best as I could. They aren’t the prettiest packages I’ve ever seen, but boy did it feel good to get wrapping over and done with!

Check out the video and share your stories of wrapping gone wrong — and so right — in the comments. And don’t forget to celebrate the end of the holiday hullabaloo by nabbing some gifts for yourself!

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