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We’ve always known that our co-founders’ pug, Winston, is one professional pup, but now the rest of the corporate world is starting to catch on.  Fast Company is searching for America’s Next Top Office Dog, and our favorite pooch is in the running! Do you think Winston is worthy of the title #TopDog? Visit the ANTOD page on Fast Company’s site, scroll down to the Dapper Dog category, and click on Winston’s selfie to cast your vote.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.19.21 AM

Vote on Fast Company by the end of today to help Winston win his group. Then, stop by their site on Friday to help decide which career-driven canine should win Best in Show. Not convinced Winston is worthy of a promotion? Watch this vid of our collared colleague, and check out his Instagram feed at @plumplittlepug!

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