Yacht’a Get This Unisex-y Scarf!

Whether you’re a woman or a man, if you live near a large body of water, chances are you love yachting. And, naturally, you like to dress for the occasion. As a seasoned sailor, though, you know how challenging it can be to look cute while keeping the chill of the wind that carries you across the waters off of your neck.

Well, just sit right back and you’ll here a tale of how Image Specialist Marne and I prove that navigating a natty nautical look is easy when you shop at ModCloth. By selecting the versatile, striped Circle Takes the Scarf, both sexes can land themselves a sophisticated, sea-worthy style. Just follow our fashion advice, put a little soft rock on the stereo, and you’ll be ready to cruise down to paradise!

Women, as your vessel ventures across the vast seaways, take a tip from Marne, who uses the cozy Circle Takes the Scarf to anchor to her ensemble of the Da Ba Dee Skirt, Versatile Tank in Thistle , White Heat Blazer, The Pirate’s Bootie, and wayfarer sunglasses. And gentlemen, you won’t need to fish for compliments if you follow my ship-shape combination of the Circle Takes the Scarf, grey pinstriped trousers, white pilot shirt with the collar popped for added preppiness, faux sharkskin loafers, and the Aviatrix Sunglasses.

Do you have any plans to set sail this summer? If so, what will you wear?

2 Responses to Yacht’a Get This Unisex-y Scarf!

  1. Sophie 05/14/2010 at 12:21 am #

    You guys are so spunky, I love it!

    I wish I was yachting this summer (/wish I had ever been on a yacht), but I *will* be spending summer near the beach (aw yeah seasonal employment!) I’ll be wearing my trusty strappy leather sandals a lot, and my new gold brogues, as well as a slew of ModCloth dresses.

    Yay summer!

  2. Richard (ModCloth) 05/14/2010 at 12:13 pm #

    Richard looks like an Elvis impersonator!

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