Add Sparkle to Your Daytime Look with the ModStylists®

Add Sparkle to Your Daytime Look with the ModStylists

There’s just something magical about wearing sparkly styles — when you’re dripping in sequins, rhinestones, and glitter, it’s hard not to feel like a red-carpet rock star. Unfortunately, not every office supports a full-glitz dress code, and navigating the aisles of the local grocery store can prove tricky in a fairy-tale-worthy ball gown. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak a bit of sparkle — and the rock star feeling that accompanies it — into your day-to-day look. We asked our ModStylists® how they like to add a little twinkle to their daytime outfits, and they came up with terrific advice (and the two lovely looks featured in this post) to help your style shine!

Start with Accessories

If you’re wary of going overboard with glimmery garb, start with a relatively low-key look and add radiant accessories, such as a rhinestone statement necklace or a vintage-inspired bracelet.

Focus on One Wow-Factor at a Time

Can’t resist wearing your favorite bedazzled blouse? Balance the glam factor by pairing the piece with more-reserved staples! A neutral skirt, a polished, profesh blazer, or a simple pair of jeans provides a crisp, clean complement to glittering styles, and helps your statement piece stand out all the brighter.

Your Outfit Is Just the Beginning

Don’t forget that glittery nail polish, a twinkling hair accessory, and sparkly eye makeup can go a long way towards making you feel like a shining star!


Add Sparkle to Your Daytime Look with the ModStylists

+What’s your favorite sparkly style?

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