Angela Jones, the founder of familiar...yet different, is going the distance with her athleisure designs. Founded by Angela and designed by women for women, familiar...yet different offers size-inclusive athleisure that can go from the gym to the couch in a heartbeat. Keep scrolling to find out more about how she worked (out) her way to the top!

We’re obsessed with familiar...yet different designs. Can you tell our audience about your career in the fashion industry and what led you to establish this amazing brand?

I went shopping for a pair of yoga pants and couldn’t find anything well-made, cute and comfy for under a $100?!? I thought that was ridiculous. So I made my own. I would receive so many compliments at my Yoga and Pilates classes that I decided to market them and familiar...yet different was launched within months.

What is the familiar...yet different design philosophy? When designing, what do you envision for the customer while wearing your pieces?

Prints! I was completely underwhelmed with the solid-black design aesthetic that’s made available for the leggings market, specifically for plus size. I want to provide an option to customers (no matter their size) where they can express themselves and show a little personality via their athleisure ensemble.

All of the familiar...yet different designs are so unique. Do you have a personal favorite that you’ve designed?

Our Chinoiserie prints are a staple to every collection. The hue of the print changes from season to season, but the overall chic floral design has not only become a bedrock to FYD’s design aesthetic, but also one of our more popular prints. It’s certainly my favorite!

What is a typical day like at familiar...yet different? How has that changed over the last few months in light of COVID?

Like most small businesses, the struggle has been quite real. Although I have continued to design and launch our seasonal collections, all photoshoots, working with fit models, videographers and social media management has had to pivot or go on a significant pause. Our manufacturing plants have adjusted to COVID regulations, but the limiting of their hours of operation, having staggered staffing to allow social-distancing, even our postal delivery services have all slowed, causing delays in the processing of orders. 

But as one of our most popular message-print Hoodies states, I’m “Persistent AF”. Even with the economic and production challenges, familiar...yet different has been very lucky, and customers have been quite understanding and patient throughout this whole ordeal. Suffice it to say, I look forward to things getting back to a new normal in 2021 and beyond.

In addition to being dedicated to creating designs for women, by women, familiar...yet different dedicates a percentage of monthly proceeds to the ASPCA and the ACLU. Can you tell us more about these partnerships?

I simply want to assist in any way that I can in giving a voice to the voiceless. The ASPCA and ACLU organizations are in the trenches everyday doing just that. I’m quite proud that FYD’s micro-donations can ensure what may be small, yet a consistent support of their work.