It’s National Houseplant Day! Can you dig it? To celebrate our favorite thyme of the year, we decided to partner with Viviana Matsuda, aka the owner of Mud.Witch. The unbe-leaf-able artist is growing her business one planter at a time; read on to see why we’re all rooting for this blooming brand!

We love all of the Mud.Witch creations! How did you discover your passion for pottery? When did you realize that this passion could become a business?

My dad was a ceramic artist and when he passed away, he left a bunch of clay supplies behind. I thought I would take a class while working through my grief, so I signed up with no intentions that it would become anything but a hobby. After my first semester, I was hooked! We had open studio hours and I found myself in the studio 5 days a week throwing all sort of shapes and working through stress. By the end of my first year, I had accumulated a big collection for my tiny apartment. My partner suggested I make a website and put some pieces online so we could have a clearer walkway in our micro studio apartment. I made a website and an Instagram (@mud.witch) and then applied for a West Coast Craft scholarship program on a whim. I got the scholarship and I was so stoked! That was really the start of it all.

Our designs are greatly influenced by vintage fashion. What inspires your work?

While working through grief, I had gained weight. While learning ceramics, I also was learning about the Body Positive movement and started following a bunch of body positive influencers. I just loved seeing folks of all sizes show their beautiful curves off. Then back to the potters wheel, all these things mushed together and I started making chubby cups and Venus planters. Venus was named after Venus of Willendorf, which is one of few sculptures made by a woman of her own body.

Your imagery on social media is like an instant mood-booster, spreading positivity with each scroll! What helps you stay positive?

Gratitude! I think gratitude for what we have had, who we have in our lives and for OURSELVES is so important. Capitalism has us always in such a frazzled state, always consuming and never pausing to see that we have a lot of what we need already. We just need to appreciate it

January 10th is National Houseplant Day! How are you celebrating? What is your favorite type of houseplant?

I love my Alocasia 'Dark Star' and my Swiss Cheese Plant. I think I'll spend this day singing to my plants while dusting their leaves. They give me so much happiness, they deserve a spa day.

Ceramics and pottery have had quite the boom in popularity recently. Why do you think that is? How has its resurgence affected the Mud Witch brand?

I think the political climate being so unstable and the resurgence of such homey crafts such as pottery, macrame, and embroidery are no coincidence. When people feel stressed they tend to veer toward things that have given them comfort in childhood, whether that's sitting in grandmas house looking at all her macrame plant holders or elbow-deep in clay like you're a child making mud pies. Ceramics is so comforting. Handmade clay items especially give folks the cozy feels. There is this thing called "The Artist Hand" where you can feel the artist's finger marks on the pieces and it feels like you know them a little bit better.

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