Call us mushy, but we’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day. But not just the ooey-gooey, romantic kind of love; we’re celebrating ALL kinds of love! Meet the lovestruck ladies who prove all types of love - from sisterly love to coupley love - are all you need. Read on to ooh and aww!

The sweetest holiday of the year is here. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Allie & Sam: "We’re planning on doing a date night at home! We’ll cook a nice dinner, dress up, pop some sparkling wine, and play board games!"

Bri & Sheldon: "This year Valentine’s Day will look a little different. Instead of dining out, Sheldon and I have planned an exciting stay in date night. We ordered an at home sushi making kit with all the amazing ingredients and we are so excited to create and eat a lavish meal together. If we’re super full after, our couch is only a few feet away so we can curl up and watch a movie."

Gail & Leslie: Valentine’s Day used to feel like a day strictly associated with lovers. But many years ago, we started a tradition ourselves that we called 'The Single Ladies Luncheon' that we would hold every Valentine’s Day for our friends! This year, we are having a special virtual 'Galantine’s Day' with our friends! We’ll be dressing up in cute outfits and partaking in an Afternoon Tea style lunch or just bubbles and canapés depending on our mood! But there will definitely be cute 'lewks' and chocolate!"

What the world needs now, is love sweet love! Tell us what love means to you.

Allie & Sam: "Love means accepting and appreciating all of someone. Whether that's a partner, pet, parent, friend, or yourself! It means being able to be fully yourself around that person, and feel at ease."

Bri & Sheldon: "Love means seeing and loving all of someone. Love means being there for someone at their best and their worst. Life is not always gentle and I think it is essential to be there for those you love always. Love sees past stereotypes. As a disabled young woman, I spent many years worried that I would have difficulty finding love. Now, I know that my disability is a beautiful part of me and it is so important to me that my partner understands and loves my disability and my community."

Gail & Leslie:  "For us, love means a willingness to forgive; an openness to apologizing for mistakes made. It means being a shopping buddy if needed and being a shoulder to cry on. It means celebrating the wins of the person you love and helping them get over the losses. It means being able to be your authentic self with a person and know you are being accepted as you are and accepting them as they are. It means a desire to know that this person is happy and doing well. It means compromise and understanding while holding the utmost respect for a person’s individuality. It means so much more than 4 little letters, and even this brief description cannot truly do it justice."

Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day outfit! Are you thinking pink or seeing red?

Allie & Sam: "Pink, all the way!"

Bri & Sheldon: "I love black lace and leather for Valentine’s Day but I also love a striking red dress AND pink is my favorite color. This year I want to feel comfortable and sexy whether that means leggings or a glam dress, I’m not sure yet."

Leslie: "I am thinking pink, red and any other color that goes with it! I love bold color mash-ups and wearing striking prints, so any outfit I will be wearing this Valentine’s will have to meet these minimum requirements! The ModCloth Colors of Our Love Shift Dress is one I’ve now got my eye on!"

Gail: "Red is my favorite color so any outfit I choose will have to incorporate this color. Whether it’s a deep rich merlot or a fiery red – I just adore the color red! I also love pieces that are very feminine and accentuate my curves! This year, I think it will have to be the ModCloth Knit on the Town Faux Wrap Dress!"

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

Allie: "I have so many special Valentine’s Day memories! My mom started a tradition called the Valentine’s Run. She had a list (which grew each year) of ‘Valentines’ in our community who were alone on the day of love. The week before, we would start baking cupcakes, and on Valentine’s Day we delivered them to everyone on our list! I used to think it was so fun to leave school early to get to surprise people with treats and see their big smiles! I want to continue this tradition when Sam and I have our own family!"

Bri & Sheldon: "Last Valentine’s Day my partner had planned a museum date but when we got there, tickets were sold out. We found the best little pizza shop/bakery next door in a fancy hotel lobby. We ate pastries and pizza slices and little heart shaped cookies. After, we cuddled up on the lobby’s velvet couches and took some outfit pics."

Leslie & Gail: "Absolutely! Our parents used to always give us little gifts for Valentine’s Day, and not just chocolate! They used to give us little teddy bears and such, and it always warmed our hearts - especially since they did this even when we were in our twenties! Sigh, we love them so much! Thanks Mom & Dad! XOXO."

What’s an adjective you would use to describe each other and why?

Sam: "Goofy - she’s so funny and silly!" 

Allie: "Creative! Sam is so creative and artistic!"

Bri: "My significant other is uncommon. He works in a science field but he is majorly artistic. He is musically talented and so fashionable. He is kind but he is also strong willed. He is reserved but hilarious. I love how intricate his traits are."

Leslie: "I would describe Gail as driven, super smart, and beautiful. Gail is extremely determined when she puts her mind to something. She is also the first one to raise her voice when she sees accessibility challenges that I or someone like me, with a visual impairment may face and is more than ready to demand change! She is one of those individuals that can speak to you on just about any topic under the sun, and speak intelligently on these topics. Gail is gorgeous inside and out and has a smile that radiates out from deep within. She is all things beautiful!" 

Gail: "I would describe my sister as determined, supremely logical, and also beautiful inside and out. She is also able to strike up a conversation with complete strangers (a talent I am still working on). My sister was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition when she was 6 years old that resulted in her being legally blind. Leslie was determined to realize her dreams and make them happen in spite of the many obstacles she has and continues to face! I’m just so very proud of her! My sister Leslie is very logical. She can look at a problem from many angles and come to the most logical of conclusions/resolutions. Of course Leslie is beautiful inside and out. She is incredibly kind and generous and that only adds to her beauty! I’m very lucky to have her in my life."

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