Now, more than ever, we’re committed to embracing and empowering all bodies in every way, shape, and form - from the models we use, to the brands we partner with. Because at ModCloth, we’ve always believed that clothes should be made to fit you - not the other way around. To celebrate this commitment, this week we are featuring Isabel Hendrix on the blog, the first star of our Just You Way You Are campaign! A model and self-love advocate based out of Los Angeles, Isabel sat down with us for a candid interview about her role models, self-care, and how she uses her style to express her truest self.

Growing up, we all had role models who inspired us to embrace our truest selves. Who was or is that role model for you?

My parents have always been their true selves, especially my mom. She is very creative and unique, and has always been that way even when she was growing up in a conservative town. Her mom was similar in that way as well; creative, strong women who know who they are.

If fashion is a form of self-expression, your style speaks volumes with its authentic attitude. How do you use clothes to empower yourself?

I love to express myself through my clothing choices! It’s super fun to play around with different styles, I used to think I had to fit one type of style and couldn’t branch out into other ones but now I am comfortable to bounce around and dip my toes into whatever styles I want!

Remembering to practice self-care can be difficult for many of us. How do you practice self-care? Do you have a daily affirmation or ritual that you utilize to stay positive?

I do some CBT therapy on this app called Bloom, and I watched a video/session discussing staying in the moment when you’re dealing with tough times. So recently I have been asking myself if what I’m dealing with is manageable in that moment. Most things are manageable in the moment, it might be painful, or uncomfortable, but survivable. Trying not to think about the future or the past, just staying in the exact moment and remembering that I can bear this, it might not be fun but I am still surviving.

When do you feel most confident in your skin? What always makes you feel your most beautiful?

I feel most confident when I am comfortable! 

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