They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we’re going behind the lens with Lee Gumbs, the photographer behind our latest fall styles. Inspired by the witchiest woman that’s ever taken center stage, Stevie Nicks, Lee’s photos will make you want to dance the night away. To learn more about our lookbook, we went behind the camera with Lee to discuss his photography journey, inspiration, and advice for up-and-coming photographers.

Lights, Camera, Action

For Lee, life behind the lens began at a young age. “I started photography and purchased my first camera when I was 16 years old in high school.” While he has now shot around the world as a professional photographer, his journey began organically while in school. “I was inspired by the photographers on our yearbook staff and eventually I became part of it.”

After graduation, Lee became a professional dancer, touring the world with his camera by his side. “I continued to practice while on tour for years, photographing my fellow cast members in numerous countries we were performing in.” With a move to Los Angeles, people began to clamor for the vision behind the lens. “By word of mouth, more people wanted to work with me and that’s when my career began to blossom. I’m really happy and grateful that the journey of my photography career this far has progressed in a very organic way.”

And we are very happy that his journey has led to working with ModCloth!

Inspiration Behind the Camera

When dreaming up our latest lookbook, we wanted to pay homage to a wicked-awesome inspiration: Stevie Nicks. Not only has Stevie been a musical icon for decades, her witchy style has earned her a place in the fashion hall of fame.

When reviewing this collection – filled with dreamy dresses, spellbinding separates, and otherwordly accessories – it seemed fitting that the photography should also honor the tambourine queen. As Lee explains it, “I kept thinking about Stevie Nicks while I was picturing the shoot and location. I think she’s a good essence to represent the theme of the shoot.” Think twirling amongst the foliage in rich velvets, leaping to great heights in lacy looks, and marching to the beat of your own tambourine in celestial chicness.

The Big Picture

For such unique styles, we knew we needed a photographer that could tell such a singular story. That individuality, unsurprisingly, is a common thread throughout Lee’s work. “A lot of people tell me that when they see photos I’ve taken, they know it’s my work before looking at the photographer’s credit. That makes me excited that I’ve created a stamp that people can connect my photos to me instantly.”

While Lee has become an in-demand professional photographer, he still lends his support to up-and-coming photographers who are still searching for their own aesthetic. His advice is simple. “Don’t stop practicing and take time to nurture the craft.”

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