To celebrate National Cookie Day, ModCloth is partnering with baker and chef Loria Stern! It's like a batch made in heaven. In addition to hosting a sweet sweepstakes, Loria was kind enough to sit down with us for an egg-clusive interview about her kitchen creations, how she's celebrating National Cookie Day, and self-expression both in and out of the kitchen. Read on to discover how she's baking the world a batter place.

For Loria Stern, creating in the kitchen began at a very young age. "I first fell in love in the kitchen when I was 8 years old." Before long, the burgeoning baker and chef soon became a master of her culinary craft. "I would help my Mom make Thanksgiving dinner and by age 10 I was cooking the entire meal by myself!"

This dedication to sharing her culinary creations with family and friends has continued as her baking business has continued to boom. When asked if she could choose just one dessert to make and who she would share it with, Loria's answer is as sweet as her confections. "I would make my olive oil cake with raspberry rose frosting and vanilla whipped cream and would share it with friends and family."

Many have said that creating in the kitchen is a form of self-expression. And as for Loria Stern, her culinary creations are not afraid to make a statement. "I would say my creations are colorful, happy and bright, and I would love it if people think that about me." As for life outside the kitchen, Loria isn't afraid to take whisks. "Outside of the kitchen I express myself by gardening, painting, playing tennis, and by the clothes I wear."

For Loria, life is what you bake of it, and that's especially true on National Cookie Day! When asked what her big plans are for the most crumb-tacular time of the year, her answer is simple and sweet: "Obviously, I will be baking cookies!"