We’re having ourselves a merry little wreath-mas with Cynthia Moreno, the holly jolly creator behind @hotpinkpineapples! To unwrap her creations, we sat down with her for an interview yule love - where we discussed her creative process, her greatest style inspiration, and what she's planning for the ho-ho-holidays. 

We think that all of your creations are unbe-wreath-able! Can did you begin crafting and creating?

I initially went to school for education because I thought I wanted to be a teacher. After doing that for two years I quickly realized it wasn't for me and then I found out about set decoration. As soon as I learned about that I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life. After school, I worked for NBC cable channels as a set decorator for 11 years. I started HotPinkPineapples for fun as a creative outlet and it's now grown into a full time labor of love. It's so much fun getting to share my ideas and designs and helping people create their own.

At ModCloth we get our greatest inspiration from vintage clothing. What inspires your work?

Mostly travel. I love visiting new places and seeing different design. I also love going through design magazines. I'll see things that I really love and then I try to find a way to like make it myself.

If you weren’t creating art, what’s another profession you could see yourself doing?

I'd love to design, build, and run my own hotel.

Your Instagram feed bursts with color. Have you always gravitated towards vibrant hues and prints? Who is your biggest inspiration?

No, I really like changing. Sometimes I'm attracted to a lot of color and then sometimes my color palette is more subdued. I like to evolve. I don't really have one ultimate inspiration as I like getting inspired from so many things. As for someone I really admire as a person, I'd say Dolly Parton is a big inspiration. She's so encouraging and all about loving yourself just the way you are. She's the best.

The holiday season is going to look a lot different this year. How are you planning on celebrating? How do you find holiday cheer with everything going on?

We're not traveling so it'll just be my dog, my husband and I having our own little holiday. Even though we can't be with friends and family this year, we're just trying to stay in a spirit of thankfulness for what we have. I'm sure there will be a lot of holiday Facetime calls as well!

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