Eel Have a Blue (or Green) Christmas: Eco-friendly Holiday tips

Use an alternative energy source to power your Christmas décor…like this electric eel!

While ModCloth does not actually condone acquiring an eel for the sole purpose of powering your Christmas tree, we couldn’t resist sharing this zany news piece from Japan! Here are some slightly more practical tips to make your holiday a little more eco-friendly:

Solar String Lights. They’re better for the planet and make for a much friendlier electric bill come January.  And why put them away after Christmas? Check out this post from Apartment Therapy for inspired ideas on decorating with string lights year-round!

Candlelit Dinners. Imagine the energy savings worldwide if every household held a candlelight supper on Christmas or Christmas Eve.

Re-gifting. Re-gift useless gift cards or size-too-small sweaters later in the year.  It’s not tacky!  It’s practical AND earth friendly! Just be discreet–avoid re-gifting  on the same side of the family for example, and DON’T re-gift anything you’ve taken the tags off of! Donate tag-less or gently used presents to a local charity shop.

Recycle gift wrap and packaging! Instead of a massive pile of Christmas trash on the floor after a gift-giving extravaganza, why not take a little more time to conserve some of your gift wrap or packaging? Tissue paper, gift bags and gift boxes are especially useful.

Gift an experience. Rather than acquiring more Christmas crap, gift your loved ones an experience–a rock concert, a fancy dinner, a “wine of the month” club membership, or a special roadtrip.  Make your gift something that brings fond memories of you throughout the year, and not just a fleeting moment of “Oh, you shouldn’t have…”

Donate to your favorite green charity. You’re spending money left and right this X-mas, so why not make a special donation to your favorite environmentally savvy charity, like The Nature Conservancy or The Sierra Club? If you‘re a big proponent of animal welfare, you could make a donation to a local animal shelter, or a charity like Farm Sanctuary!

Sustainable choices. From the spruce pine that decorates your living room to the Christmas goose at the center of your table, there are countless opportunities to make each choice a sustainable one. For more information about where to source locally grown and/or organic anything, check sites like The more food from your local co-op or farmshare on your Christmas table, the smaller your holiday carbon footprint!

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  1. zoe 12/02/2009 at 4:27 pm #

    the holiday season is one of the most eco-unfriendly of the year, so thank you modcloth for bringing green practices to attention!

  2. Laurel M 12/02/2009 at 7:56 pm #

    I’m giving sets of home-made cards this year. They’re beautiful, useful, and quite inexpensive! Plus they’re recyclable!

  3. Celeste 12/10/2009 at 1:45 am #

    Every year, I hand make cards for christmas for all my family-they like them much more, because the cards are unqiue, and just for them!


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