Green Your Halloween!

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I’m not talking about dressing up as the Wicked Witch or sliming your neighbor’s yard. With its foray of candy wrappers, Halloween is not usually a time when we think about conservation – but here at ModCloth, we think it’s time to change that! Here are a few tips for keeping All Hallow’s Eve, all natural!

  • Reinvent the Wheel! If you’re a smart ModClother (and we know there are so many of you!), you reinvented your outfit from your already existing wardrobe, thus saving money, waste, and the trouble of figuring out what to do with a giant bingo card the next day.
  • Electric Boo-galoo! Cut down on electricity for the night by breaking out candles! Not only does it help out Mother Earth and your electricity bill, but what’s more spooky that shadows cast in candlelight? If you’ve got an elaborate light display in your yard, consider switching to LED lights, which are about 80% more efficient than regular holiday strands. Also, be cognizant of how long they are turned on each day.
  • Pumpkin-ify Your Life! Instead of getting rid of all that gunk inside your carved pumpkin – use it! Roast pumpkin seeds or save them to be planted in your garden next year! If you don’t plan on carving them, try your hand at baking a pie or bread with the fresh ingredients – you’re friends will be super impressed!
  • Pass it On! If you’re a mom, help pass green traits onto the next generation.

So, the kids have come and taken away all your candy and you wake up on November 1st to find toilet paper in your trees – ah, the glory of the morning after! So what do you do with that costume that’s now laying in a pile on the floor?

  • Host a Costume Swap! Invite friends over for a post-Halloween get-together. Encourage them to bring their cleaned costumes along with them! Find a great new costume, show off your pumpkin-baking skills, and even get rid of all that leftover candy (who are we kidding, like you want to share)!
  • No More Blood! Instead of pitching your fake blood and black lip-liner, recycle them! Return empty jars, tubes, and bottles to any Origins counter, no matter the brand, and all products will be recycled and used toward energy recovery.
  • Donate! While you may think no one in the world could possibly want your banana costume, many organizations are happy to take it off your hands. Check with your local Goodwill or any other favorite, local charity on their giving guidelines (In fact, keep this in mind all year round!).
  • Donate Again! If your green conscience still feels a bit weighty, tip Mother Earth’s scales in your favor by donating your time. Whether its planting a tree in your neighborhood or mentoring a child, help make your community a better place in whatever way you can. Check out Volunteer Match to search organizations in your area that could use the help!
How do you plan to be Green this Halloween, Modsters?

Whatever your weekend plans – we hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!


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    Suzannah Hamlin 10/28/2009 at 11:10 pm #

    Goodwill and other thrift stores love getting Halloween costume donations because they get so much business around this time of year! I’m sure they love getting old costumes and funky clothes. Buying items at thrift stores is anther way to get a fun, affordable, eco-friendly costume, too!

  2. Avatar
    Molly 10/29/2009 at 11:27 am #

    A costume swap! What a cute idea. Great post!

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