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Yay! We got the awesome opportunity to have Ty from Jeffrey Campbell provide a little giving advice. He wanted us to let you know: he’s 32, a Jeffrey Campbell brand specialist, an uncle, friend, brother, excellent gift giver with discerning taste and  lots of credit cards.  But here’s what he has to say:

“I grew up with a mother who always said, ‘Buy gifts that you would like to receive – think of yourself when shopping for others!! EASY TO DO! I often hit up modcloth.com when shopping for my sister, nieces, personal assistant and interns – I love the selection! Here are my picks! Happy Holidays from Jeffrey Campbell!”

My Downstairs Neighbor: Fairest of All Mirror in Snow White – “We are not close, but I throw a lot of parties, so I like her to like me! I would get her this! I love it and it matches the style of her apartment which is….DOMINO MAGAZINE MEETS DUMPSTER DIVE!!”

The Best Personal Assistant in the World: Nefertiti Heels – “If I yell, ‘Hey, how many liters is in an ounce or where can we find this vintage Maud Frizzon pump?’ she is always there for me with an iced Americano, a smile and a joke. She makes my life happen. I would get her these – she loves to jazz it up and she has the most amazing style…She can make anything work! WE both love anything with Navajo print – especially a PUMP!”

My Rocker-Chic 12-Year-Old Niece: Second Glance Coat – “Her style icons are all rock inspired and she loves anything animal print – and animal style. She and I share an appreciation of tight jeans and short shorts! I think she would love this coat! She loves black and white, but she would mix this with red skinny jeans and flat boots to make the look more edgy! My niece has style by the mile!

Read on to see the rest of Ty’s Picks!

My Other Favorite Special Niece Who is Also Twelve: The Ann Arbor Jacket – “She is shy, stunning, a giant, and loves a good pony ride! She is definitely a country mouse – I like to spice her up a bit – and show her fashion can be fun! Everyone needs a gay uncle! She is not easy to shop for, but who doesn’t want this? A little tomboy, but a lot vintage. She is a jeans girl so I think she would love this jacket!

My Sister: Queue Up Top – “I owned my own stores for five years, and in those five years I served as my sister’s personal shopper. She is a radiant woman and mother, athlete and educator. My sister is so beautiful and I know her style well. She likes things that can move from work to dinner; she works hard and she doesn’t want to work hard at looking good. Her style is amped up classics! I think this is what she would buy herself – but why would she when I shop for her all the time? She likes shape, structure and layering so I chose this top. I LOVE DEAR CREATURES! Always a good bet!”

Liza, the Barista: Quest for the Holy Tumbler – “I go to the same Starbucks every day, I get the same beverage every day, I tip the same change every day, and every day I chat with Liza. I love her. She tells me her newest drama and then we high five. We call each other “GIRL!” and always laugh. I would like to get her a little something, because she always gets my day moving! I love this! And at this price I can get her a set. I have a feeling she won’t have any trouble filling this on the weekends…wink wink!”

My Mother: Quite a Spectacle Case – “My mother taught me how to shop, how to keep it a secret from your husband, and how to do those two things we all love….CHARGE IT! I love getting my mom treats…and she has amazing taste in nearly everything. She is one of my fashion icons to this day! She loves a bag or clutch inside her giant purse. She also loves a little novelty! This is perfect for her readers!

Me: The Vintage Home and Fox on a Hot Tin Sign – Lastly, I never let a Christmas go by without a treat for myself! I love my apartment and am continually adding treats to make it perfect. My look is gay-gentleman meets urban renewal chic. Confused? Then just buy me this! I love and collect coffee-table books! And if you think I have been extra good, why not treat me really nice and get me two treats! I actually love this…and click…done, bought it.

(Image Above: Photo of Ty, Courtesy of Ty. He says of this photo: “It is current and this is what I actually look like. If you can believe it.”)

Click here to check out all of Ty’s picks!


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    Maya 12/16/2009 at 6:31 pm #

    Inspired present picks. I love these gift guides! Thankyou

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    aww I love Ty! Great Picks!

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    This was so fun to read!!! I want to go have coffee with Ty!

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    Ty was such a joy to work with on this guide! And his picks couldn’t be funnier. 🙂

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    Ty is my favorite ever. I’m going to grab up all of his picks just so we have more to talk about, haha.

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