Valentine's Day

Workplace Besties: A #TeamModCloth Trio Shares the Love

Valentine's DayWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re ready to celebrate all kinds of relationships—particularly those we appreciate around the office. Allison (Senior Manager of Site Operations, left), Siobhan (Supply Chain Manager, right), and Taten (Director of Customer Care, center) from our Pittsburgh location are three ladies that have quite a bit it common. They’re confident leaders, inspirational mothers, and excellent friends. In between straight-up killin’ it around the organization, you can likely find this trio making time to connect with each other. Read on to get the scoop about their relationship, and how they make friendships work in the workplace.

Valentine's DayPictured on Allison: Glitz and Glimmer Statement Necklace, Motivating Ways Button-Up Top, Match Made Midi Skirt, What a Gem Peep Toe Heel

On Taten: Finishing Touch EarringsAccentuated Ease Long Sleeve Blouse, Day Started Cropped Skinny Jeans, Invite Excitement Vegan Heel

On Siobhan: Fits of Bliss Short Sleeve Dress, Invite Excitement Vegan Heel

How did you all meet each other?

Siobhan: I joined ModCloth’s Charitable Giving Committee in an effort to meet people when I started working here and sat next to Allison in my first meeting. Taten and I were attending a planning meeting about an upcoming event.

Allison: After endless chit chats around the office a few years ago (honestly, probably mostly about working and momming!), these ladies welcomed me into their worlds with open arms, and it hasn’t changed since. I’m SO thankful they did!

Taten: I met Siobhan and Allison right after I started at ModCloth about 3.5 years ago.  We all attended a weekly meeting for Leadership from key departments in our Pittsburgh office and they were there to represent their teams. It was a great way to meet other people in the office and learn about what everyone had going on in their respective roles. From there, we found ourselves involved in a lot of projects together which gave us time to get to know each other even more!

What were your first impressions?

SiobhanAllison was so sweet! It’s tough starting in a new place, and she instantly made me feel so welcome with her kindness.  She’s a living, breathing Disney princess, y’all. With Taten, I thought, this girl is super smart. And seems really cool. And has AMAZING cheekbones.

Allison: I truly feel the most wonderful friendships come with those you may not expect—people that fill in the gaps you didn’t even know were missing. These gals hit those marks, and make me feel like I can be the best version of myself!

Taten: I genuinely thought they seemed like 2 of the sweetest people I’d ever met in my life, and couldn’t imagine them wanting to be friends with me. I’m what you might call a straight shooter, so in many ways we couldn’t be more different!


How do you maintain your relationships in the workplace? Outside of the workplace?

Siobhan: We don’t naturally have a lot of cross-functional work in our roles, so we make time to get together during the work day. That primarily manifests as much-anticipated lunch and coffee dates where sometimes we talk about work, and other times, make a point of not talking about it. Outside of work, we do all the things girlfriends love to do: brunch, nails, shopping, wine, etc.  We have kids around the same age so we get together for playdates and parties.

Allison: On both ends, you just simply have to try! Even the busiest of days in the workplace should still involve a moment for a friend. The best times outside of work involve wine, and more wine. 🙂

Taten: Aside from the opportunities we have to partner, I try to make time to chat and catch up as often as possible! Be it over lunch, between meetings, or even at the occasional happy hour, we do our best to stay in touch as regularly as possible.

What advice do you have for fostering relationships around the office?

Siobhan: Be genuine, be supportive, be kind. Make an effort to build others up. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments and be a safe place when someone needs to vent.  Keep candy at your desk.

Allison: We oftentimes all spend more time in the workplace than not during the week, so I think it’s really important to surround yourself with those you have camaraderie with.

Taten: Find people who you can relate to, and the rest is easy! The three of us are moms, and 3.5 years ago when we met, we were among the few at ModCloth. We quickly bonded over stories of our kids and all the adulting we were forced to do on the daily.

Aren’t they the best? And the outfitting is so good. Save their looks (and advice) for later with this pin:

Valentine's Day

+How do you show appreciation for your workplace pals?


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