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Steven Kline’s Collages: The Animal Kingdom Displayed in Crowning Glory

Erupting with bright colors, prizewinning ugly sweaters, dapper suits, and very serious fauna, artist Steven Kline’s works are so super, they might make you break out into song. Read more »

Art’s Best Friend: Peter Clark’s Doggone Cute Collages

Made of everything from maps to postage stamps, UK-based artist Peter Clark’s collages are not only eco-adoring thanks to their re-purposed materials, they're pretty much the most ‘paw-dorable’ thing we’ve ever seen! Read more »

Elizabeth Hoeckel’s Crazy Cool Collages

“Moonrise” by Elizabeth Hoeckel.

Collages have never looked as cool as those of Baltimore artist Elizabeth Hoeckel, whose fantastic, retro-tinged pieces hint at stories and worlds beyond our wildest imaginations.…

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Plants and Animals

Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I just can’t resist sharing these incredible Steven Eichorn collages of (wait for it…) cats and plants!  This is but a mere sampling of the collection that can be viewed on his

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