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Fan Fare: Jesi’s Stylish Instagram Video

Last week we hosted one of our most exciting promotions, Stylish Surprise, and got a surprise of our own: an Instagram video love letter from community member Jesi! Read more »

Fan Fare: Valerie’s Retro Diner Photo Shoot

We're loving Story by ModCloth reader and 20-year-old film student Valerie Chiang's gorgeous photo shoot at Cafe 50's – which, if you recall, is the same diner we shot our June stylebook at. Click through to check out her pretty shoot, which she shared with us! Read more »

Fan Fare: Mel Stringer Takes on ModCloth Street Style

We recently discovered the awesome illustrations by Brisbane-based artist Mel Stringer, and after sharing a few of our favorites, she sent us this lovely thank you note fashioned after one of our original street style posts. Read more »

Fan Fare: Imaginary Fashion Blogger Cecily Wears Eva Franco

Cecily wears our Here in My Carnival Dress by Eva Franco!

What if the capacity of your closet was endless? What if after viewing an item you love, for only a moment, you’d be free to style it away as …

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Fan Fare: Creative Customer Lizzy D. Shares Her Wardrobe Woes

“I have a problem, and its name is ModCloth!”

Clearly, creative customer Lizzy D. shares the same sentiment as many of us. Oh, which dress to choose, which dress to choose? We couldn’t help but share her spunky illustration with …

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