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Mad for Marie: Sofia Coppola’s France

We all know how the story ends, but back in 2006, Coppola showed us the wild journey of a teenage girl who became a teenage queen. Read more »

Fashion in Film: Gidget, the Original Surfer Girl

The movie is full of dreamy guys, covetable swimsuits, and adorable dresses. Read more »

Fashion in Film: Only Lovers Left Alive

Each scene in Only Lovers Left Alive is heavy with a lush visual and musical atmosphere. Read more »

Fess Up — You’ve Seen Dazed and Confused More Than, Like, a Dozen Times

The quintessential summer movie, Dazed and Confused manages to capture all the major high school cross sections and cliches in less than two hours. Read more »

Fashion in Film: Top Finds — and Moments — in The Parent Trap

Before a certain red-haired starlet wandered onto the scene in the latest remake of this fun classic, there was Hayley Mills playing the part of twins in The Parent Trap. Read more »

Dirty Dancing is By Far the Greatest Summer Romance Flick

It's officially summer, which means we're binge-watching as many summer romance films as possible, starting with Dirty Dancing. Read more »
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Why Rizzo is the Best Thing About the Movie Grease

The leader of the "Pink Ladies," Riz isn't afraid to make mistakes and stick up for herself. Read more »

13 Reasons Why We Love The Original ‘Freaky Friday’

It's Friday the 13th. To celebrate, we're taking a look back at a fave film from the past. Read more »
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Why ‘The Graduate’ is Still a Favorite After All These Years

Simon and Garfunkel and torrid affairs -- this film has everything. Read more »
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Forget Macaulay, We Want Every Outfit Worn by Jamie Lee Curtis in “My Girl”

Sure, the friendship between Vada and Thomas J. is endearing, but let's talk about Shelley. Read more »