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Obsolete Fashion: 'Cap'-italizing on Chic

Image via Flickr user Gatochy

When it’s a burning summer day and I’m ready to cool in the pool, I scramble into my swimsuit and jump on in. But, say it was 1959. What would be wrong with the imagery …

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Dresses Through the Decades

With another decade drawing to a close, and our expansive selection of vintage-inspired frocks right at my fingertips, I started to think about all the iconic silhouettes that each era brought.

But what about the decade that we’ve just put …

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Summer Days Driftin’ Away

Summer Lovin

After perusing the romantic frocks and accessories within our Summer Love category, we couldn’t help but entertain the thought of sweet scenarios to complement each amorous piece. With that idea in mind, we’re happy to introduce you to “…

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Obsolete Fashion: Matching Jammies

Well, ModLovers, after a recent Google search led me to website after website devoted exclusively to the sale of matching pajamas, I must report that the great tradition of his-and-her matching pajamas is not obsolete, …

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Obsolete Fashion: Do You Believe in a Thing Called Glove?

obsolete fashion, obsolete gloves, gloves, 1950s, 50s, 50

Photos (clockwise from top left): A Scrapbook of Me, A Scrapbook of Me, Retro Ways

Today, we only wear gloves when the weather is chilly and we need an extra layer of warmth, but for centuries gloves were worn …

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Obsolete Fashion: Are You Ga-Ga for Go-Go Boots?

go-go boots, obsolete fashion, 1960s 60

Images (clockwise from top left): Sarah Richmond, Iluvretrothings.blogspot.com, Star-Telegram

Before the mid-1960s, women wore boots in inclement weather or while engaging in outdoor activities – never for fashion. But as skirts and hemlines rose in the 60s, style …

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Fashion Your Fortune: Where Will Your Style-Savvy Lead You?

Fulfill your ‘dress-tiny’ in our fun and fabulous new online game: Fashion Your Fortune!

Your journey begins with one of three fantastic frocks. Which dress possesses your style spirit: garnished with glamor, edgy with eye-catching design, or classically cute? …

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