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‘Dino’ What You’re Thinking

Just off Interstate 10, you'll find a roadside attraction that defines "roadside attractions." On the second leg of our Summer in Focus road trip, we stopped to shoot at the world-famous Cabazon Dinosaurs. Read more »

Living Large! Retro Roadside Attractions with Massive Appeal

Whether you've got a weekend of cruising on your calendar or you're just in the mood to journey through your imagination, these retro snapshots of kitschy, colossal landmarks are sure to entertain. Read more »

A Kitschy, Cool Collection of Gifts by Susan

ModCloth’s abuzz with holiday excitement, and though I spend most of my time thinking about the best merchandise to bring to the site so that you all can give great gifts, I also have my own gift giving to figure out! Read more »

Top 10 Kitschy Lawn Ornaments

All A-Twitter Haiku Contest

Photo: Flickr user Alovesdc

Plants and trees aren’t the only way to spruce up your yard – there’s also those oft-cheesy lawn ornaments. Should you choose to decorate with them, these silly sculptures will make your grassy plot colorful in …

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