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Kind of a Big ‘Dill’: Free Seed Cards Buried in Your Orders!

Psst! Guess what! Very soon, a slew of you will be unearthing these cute dill seed cards in your ModCloth order. So, what’s the ‘dill’? We’re glad you asked!

To share some green thumb fun with customers as our ModEmployees …

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Fall Head Over Paws for this ModCloth Exclusive!

Gemma’s trusty side kick, Mr. Norman Pickles the Pug, and our very own Winston served as the inspiration for our new tote!

Playful, imaginative, and slightly offbeat, the art of illustrator Gemma Correll has captured fans’ hearts with her quirky …

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Calling All Fashion-Passionate Cuties!

Psst! You, there! The one who stays up until 2 a.m., laptop open and glowing, wearing vintage heels below a floor-length robe as you catch up on the latest posts by your favorite indie designers, DIY crafters, and vintage enthusiasts.

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