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The Go-to Snacks of Literary Greats

I’m not the squealing type, but couldn’t help but let out a delighted squeak at the sight of this illustration of famous writers’ favorite snacks by Wendy MacNaughton for the New York Times. MacNaughton confesses to munching on garlic croutons …

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The Written Wardrobe: "Perennial"

“And now I drive into town for the June market, and I sell our wares alone. Your mother’s almond granola recipe. The black raspberries that inked our fingertips and stained our teeth and tongues.”
“Perennial” by Anne Barngrover

This …

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Summer Reads for Creative Leads

If you’re looking to scratch an artistic itch, these image-rich reads are just what you need to kick off a summer rife with creativity. I’ve put together a miniature, profession-focused guide of page turners, so you can get to stimulating …

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Plot Twists: An Illustrated Diagram of Narrative Structures

Great stories are distinguished not only by their characters, but how their yarns are spun – a quality that artist Eduardo Salles explores with his diagrams of “Nudos Narrativos,” or, “Narrative Knots.” His chart cleverly reimagines the writings of Paulo …

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The Written Wardrobe: "Frock & Typhoon"

Poet Samantha Milowsky brews up a storm of dresses in her piece “Frock & Typhoon”:

The bodice, maraca handle,
the skirt in soft percussion,
dizzy whir of lavender
sweetens our millennium
leavened air.

Does her poem stir up …

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An Author’s Best Friend: The Tails Behind the Tales

Amy Tan with her Yorkshire terrier Bubba Zo. Photographed by Jill Krementz.

After celebrating premier pup Winston’s birthday yesterday, we were reminded of how thankful we are to have the ‘paws-itively’ pleasant company of the ModDogs around the office. …

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The Written Wardrobe: "The Pin"

From “The Pin” by Katrina Solano:

Millie looked down and straightened her model pin affectionately. The pin was the one constant in Millie’s outfits. She never went a day without it.

Do you have a signature accessory that could represent …

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Too-th Cute for Words

When the hardback release of My Milk Toof arrived on my desk, there was only one phrase I could pen to my West Coast colleagues with my heart all a’mush: “You are about to be adora-bliterated!”

Told in a series …

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Jillian Tamaki's Covetable Embroidered Covers

Image via Jillian Tamaki.

Publishing giant Penguin’s knack of turning dusty old classics into collector’s items is unparalleled, with each new resurrection project – be it its hardbound, tattoo-inspired, or fashion editions – turning us into giddy …

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Lights, Camera, Bookstore!

Images via Buenos Aires For 91 Days

I’ve always thought it would be nifty to live in a converted old theater. Though I haven’t really thought about the logistics, I just imagine walking under the marquee and by the retro …

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