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Style Glossary: Bucket Bag

Above, Julie‘s illustrations of two types of bucket bags as inspired by Vena Cava’s Spring 2012 collection, which debuted last week in NYC.

Come one, carryalls! As Fashion Week proceeds, don’t forget to relish over the simpler things …

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Obsolete Fashion: Along for the Riding Habit

Images via Wikimedia Commons.

Back in the day before cars, people rode horses places. Duh. But did you know women had a specific ensemble exclusively for riding horses?

With origins burrowed back in the 17th century and an end …

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Style Glossary: An Illustration that’s Good Enough to Eat

Oh my goodness. How adorable is this piece from UK illustrator Kiley Victoria Woolgar? Entitled  “Eat My Hat”, this illustration manages to be cute, educational, and punny. Obviously, we’re eating this up.…

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Obsolete Fashion: Don’t Ridicule This Reticule

Image via Fabrics.net.

In a recent Fashion Dictionary post, commenter Nanne introduced me to the strange and wonderful fashion artifact known as the reticule purse. Before reading Nanne’s feedback, I was unfamiliar with the historical accessory. However, …

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Style Glossary: Breton Stripes

From the left: The On a Friendly Shore Top, On Collar Top, Stripe the Good Stripe Top.

I know spring feels incomprehensibly distant when your current morning routine includes defrosting your windshield, but spring will be here …

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Obsolete Fashion: My, What a Lovely Jabot!

Image via gogmsite.net

If you were to pull a Bill and Ted and time machine back to, oh say, 18th-century France, to the home of some aristocrat, you’d probably see some dude dressed in a fancy waistcoat with a mess …

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Style Glossary: Ready, Set, Godet!

If Duke Ellington’s croon, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,” is to be believed, a garment is zilch without a few godets. These triangular fabric insets–which can be of the same or different material …

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Obsolete Fashion: What Do You Know About the Zibellino?

Examples of the zibellino in  “Portrait of a Lady” by Bernardino Luini and “Antea” by Parmigianino.

Whether you’re a Renaissance Classicism connoisseur, a Medieval hygiene expert, or simply someone who sat through Art History 101, you’ve undoubtedly seen today’s …

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Obsolete Fashion: Bustling About

Image: Vintage Connection

If this post’s title conjured images of screaming Manhattan sidewalks or catching rush-hour trains, you’re not alone. Despite a short-lived revival in the 1940s, the bustle now only exists in period films or old fashion sketches. So, …

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Obsolete Fashion: Take It or Sleeve It – The Leg o’ Mutton Sleeve

Leg O

Image: Costumes.org

Imagine this: It’s 1832. A highly fashionable woman is calling upon her dear friend. She glides through the wallpaper-clad hallway en route to the sitting room. When she arrives at the doorway, she pauses, turns 90 degrees to …

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