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Top 10 Interesting Fashion Designers We’d Like to Dine With


Photo: Leo de Vos

The cork wiggles out of the Rioja with a carnival pop, and we pour a few glasses in preparation for a meal that’s only in our minds, a lovely affair where we would meet some superb …

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Obsolete Fashion: Top 10 (Seriously Cool) Historic Shoe Styles

Think you know every kind of footwear fathomed into existence by man and woman? Well, here’s a little run for your knowledge. See if you are, in fact, hot on the heels of such all-encompassing knowledge by reading this post, …

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Top 10 Books that Should Be Made Into Movies

Since George du Maurier’s novel Trilby was made into the 1896 short film Trilby and Little Billee, the boundary between books and film has become increasingly fluid. And although book-to-film adaptations are a point of contention for many, most …

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Top 10 Retro Hairstyle Trends

Curly Mullet, Louise Brooks Bob

Photos: Jennifer Boyer (left), Flickr user ballistikcoffeeboy

As time curls through the decades, many a new hairstyle rides the wave of popularity. Let’s take a look at which tresses have gone out with ‘bangs’ and which have gained a new …

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Top 10 Summer Picnic Foods


Photo: Hajime Nakano

It’s a lovely summer day; the sun is twinkling through the tree branches, the birds are singing arias, and the clouds are as a fluffy as meringues in the forget-me-not sky. It’s the perfect day for packing …

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Top 10 Commonly Misheard Lyrics

Mishead Lyrics - Girl with Headphones

Photo: Flickr user carolyn.will

It’s happened to us all. We’re cruising in the car with our best bud, belting out the lyrics to a song, when all of a sudden, our pal bursts into firecrackers of laughter. “What’s so funny?” …

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Top 10 19th-Century Men’s Accessories

With menswear-inspired womenswear making another comeback, we thought we’d take a peek at historic men’s accessories. Some have been adopted by women, others remain intact, and still more have dissipated into the fog of …

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Top Ten 10 Shows Set in NYC

Since today’s Name It and Win It: Roadtrip Edition features New York City, we’re ‘boroughed’ in thoughts of this smashing city! We knew we’d never sleep until we talked a bit more about the Big Apple, so for this week’s …

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Top Ten Artworks Made from Food

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Photo: Hop Studios

10. Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Untitled (Portrait of Ross). An interesting metaphor for the struggle Gonzalez-Torres’ partner had with AIDS, this piece involved visitors by asking them to take a piece of the candy that created the exhibit.

Jean Paul Gaultier


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Top 10 Popular Expressions Terms of the Past

Eat My Shorts Logo

Photo: Flickr user Festivals Gallery

If you’re a real hepcat, you know all the latest lingo. But what if you were to time machine-it back to another point in history? How would you be able to say things with savvy? …

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