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Get That Look: Rompers!

(Shop the Above: Best Friend Tank in Cerulean, Flipside Tights in Opposites, My Cup of T-Straps, Buffalo Jill Belt, Dark Arts Romper)

We had a little fun playing around with playsuits in the office… In …

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Vasil's Guide to Rompers!

Turi Amy romper, onesie, one-piece, jumpsuit, jumper, barboteuse, playsuit

Romper, onesie, one-piece, jumpsuit, jumper, barboteuse, or playsuit? There may be a debate about how to classify these one-piece wonders, but one thing is for sure: they are one versatile, trendy piece that is here to stay!

The romper craze …

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Style Predictions Come True!

Back in January, Vasil predicted the style trends that would rule 2009.  Have you been seeing a shift in style towards looks defined by earthy colors, ruffles, silhouette-defining belts,  and mixed patterns in the last couple of months? We …

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Choose Your Summer Style!

Summer may be the time when casual style reigns supreme, but fear not, fashionistas! There are still plenty of opportunities to dress up too! In this segment, we’ll be showing you some excellent looks to suit your fanciest occasions this …

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Get That Look: Gwen!

[Want this look? Click on the image!]

In this installment of Get That Look!, Vasil transformed Susan into one of her favorite style icons: Gwen Stefani. Susan has loved Gwen’s style ever since the very first time she saw …

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Balkan Inspiration

[Images (left to right): Designs by Gucci, Galliano]

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is influenced by its surrounding society. Those of us in the Western hemisphere can usually detect style inspirations rooted in our own culture, but fashion …

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Lost in Paris

[Seen on lookbook.nu]

It must be the case that Paris is not only the capital of high fashion, but also the place to see great street style. Today’s style comes from Adeline R.; the combination of multiple layers of …

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Liquid Nerd

Margo, an 18-year-old Russian spotted on  lookatme.ru is my style inspiration today. The mixture of diverse materials in her outfit, such as tulle, leather, and liquid spandex, makes the ensemble trendy and unique. Despite the classiness of black and white, …

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Muted Blossom

Check in all week for Vasil’s favorite street styles!

Today’s style inspiration comes from Anne-Solange, 30-year-old writer and journalist from the fashion capital-Paris! The outfit caught my attention due to its combination of menswear characteristics and feminine look. With the …

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Absolut-ly Fabulous

[Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Versace for Absolut, 1997]

Everyone can probably recall a “favorite” advertising campaign, commercial or photo spread. Stylists, photographers, and marketing teams work hard to create ads that are resonant and powerful, using success stories as …

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